Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Your World Birth Number

It's Saturday Night - 
time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1)  Use the Population Counter on the BBC News website to determine your place in the current world population, and your place in all of history (of course, these are estimates...see the website for how they calculated this).  Enter your birth date into the fields and click on "Go."

2)  Tell us about your results in your own blog post, as a Comment on this blog post, or as a status line in Facebook or a Stream post on Google Plus.  Please leave a link to your blog post as a comment on this post.

Here's mine:

The site says that when I was born (23 October 1943) that I was the 2,374,409,904th person alive at that time.  I was also the 75,084,100,723rd person ever born.  

My first thought was "what about other persons born on my birthday?"  Well, they get the same numbers.  My next thought was "how many persons were born on that day?"  I entered the next day into the calculator and got the 75,084,337,415 person - so the answer is 236,692 persons.  

How about my mother and father?  Dad was number 72,629,532,035 (15 October 1911) and Mom was number 73,173,516,367 (30 July 1919).  

What about persons born today?  The counter says there are 7,487,913,745 alive today, and 84,087,597,178 persons ever born alive on 7 April 2018.  So over 9 billion people have been born since the day I was born.  

My next thought was "Can my RootsMagic family tree database, my Ancestry Member Tree, or the FamilySearch Family Tree handle 84 billion people?"  The FSFT currently has over 1 billion names, but some of those are duplicates.  Will there ever be an online family tree with EVERY person who ever lived in it?  I doubt it.  

Another thought: "Will we ever get to the point where each person that ever lived will have a unique identification number?"  Obviously, it will have to have at least twelve digits!  Who will assign the numbers?  Who will keep track?  Who will be able to remember their number?

There are several other charts that can be seen by clicking the "Next" button  - one for your Country (USA has 484 births per hour, 288 deaths per hour, and adds 113 immigrants every hour, for a 0.9% population growth rate per year).  Average life expectancy in the USA is 78 years, with Females at 80.5 years and males at 75.4 years.  Isn't that great?  Oh no, I am now 74.5 years old this month, so I have less than one year to finish up my genealogy work!  And, hopefully, I will live on borrowed time - the expectancy is from birth.

NOTE:  This site was created in 2011, and may not have been updated since then.  It's still interesting, though!


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