Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday Genea-Pourri - 28 May 2018

Here are some of my family history and genealogy related activities over the past week:

1)    Reviewed my autosomal DNA match (approximate 4th-5th cousin) on MyHeritage with a person who was descended from Nancy Lanfear (1816-1899).  There are 67 other matches with the two of us.  Plotted seven of them below.  Concluded that I am probably descended from Isaac and Rosannah (Laun) Lanfear of Lorraine, N.Y. Decided to add ancestral families of Isaac and Rosannah to my tree in hopes of being able to add the actual birth parent of 2nd great-grandparent Devier J. Lamphear Smith (1839-1894).  Started doing the research.

2)  Reviewed all 450 of the "California County Marriages, 1850-1852" entries on MyHeritage, and added many new marriage dates and places to existing couples in my RootsMagic database.  Started review of the 120 "1939 Register for England & Wales" collection on MyHeritage.  These are  examples of mining MyHeritage record collections. 

3)  Added my biographical notes (from the 52 Ancestors posts) and updated event dates/places to about 20 profiles.  I need to do more of this for the folks I've already written up.

4)   Moderated the SDGS RootsMagic User's Group meeting on Saturday at the FamilySearch Library in Mission Valley.  We were only 7 attendees, and discussed different reports and lists, how to merge duplicate persons, using TreeShare and WebHints, using FamilySearch digital microfilm, and other subjects.  I spent another hour in English parish registers at the FSL finding records for my project tree.

5)  Made more progress on my genealogy project - I am researching the ancestry of a local personality, and will present what I find at the CVGS Family History Day in September.  I am still finding first and second cousins of my subject, but have not found any new ancestors for him.    The RootsMagic tree has grown - 292 persons with 662 citations.  I TreeShare this with an Ancestry Member Tree (which generates Hints!), access the WebHints for Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage and Findmypast, search for more data online, and share data with  FamilySearch Family Tree profiles.  I am listing the English parish register entries I need to find on FamilySearch digital microfilm at the FamilySearch Library.

6) There were occasional sessions working in RootsMagic to update FamilySearch Family Tree profiles for Seaver families and other database families, with occasional additions to the RootsMagic profiles. I have matched 23,669 of my persons with FSFT.  I now have 50,068 persons in my RootsMagic file, and 94,232 source citations.   I TreeShared twice during the last week.  There was also one session in Ancestry Hints to add content and source citations for the new RootsMagic profile additions.   I've fallen behind on the Record Hints with 62,760 waiting to be resolved, but I'm working on them.

7)  Have 286 Shared Ancestors on my AncestryDNA list (I had 284 last week), 886 4th cousins or closer (up from 879 last week), and 809 pages (over 40,450 matches with at least 5 cM) (was 799 pages last week) of  matches.  I have 13 matches that are third cousins or closer, and 98 matches with 34 cM (0.5%) or more (was 97 last week).  My highest match has 779 cM (11.5%), and is one of my first cousins.  I have 19 DNA Circles (was 19 last week). Very few of the new matches have an Ancestry Member Tree.

8)  Have 3,824 DNA Matches on MyHeritage (up from 3,784 last week) with at least 8 cM (0.12%), with 22 matches with more than 34 cM (0.5%) or more (was 22 last week).  I have three close relatives, one a first cousin once removed, and two first cousins twice removed.  The highest match is 512 cM (7.1%).  Most of my  matches have very small trees with no common ancestors shown.

9)  Have 1,037 DNA Relatives on 23andMe (I had 1,045 last week) who share at least 0.10% with me.  The two closest relatives are third cousins.  Of these, only 2 shares 1.0% or more, and 45 share 0.50% or more (was 45 last week), with the highest match being 1.54%.  I struggle to find out anything about most of these testers.  I am losing matches every week.

10)  Have 2,627 autosomal DNA Matches on FamilyTreeDNA (up from 2,612 last week) who share 0.25% (18 cM) or more, with the highest match being 96 cM (1.42%).  I have 12 who share at least 1.0% (68 cM) with me, and 1,431 who share at least 0.50% (34 cM) or more (was 1,418 last  week) with me.  I have had better luck finding shared ancestors here with a few of these testers.

11) Wrote 20 Genea-Musings blog posts last week, of which five were press releases.  The most popular post last week was 
"Who Do You Think You Are?" Series Starts on 21 May on TLC with over 391 views.


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Diane Gould Hall said...

Dang Randy. I hope all your work can inspire me to get back to work. Great job!

Karen K said...

Amazed at the amount of work you accomplish. I feel like I’ve been sitting still after reading your post! Nice job!