Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Treasure Chest Tuesday - Betty Carringer's High School Record Card

Today's Tuesday's Treasure is the entrance record card for my mother, Betty Virginia (Carringer) Seaver, to San Diego High School.

The extracted information from this "Cumulative Record Card" is:

*  Name:  Carringer, Betty Virginia
*  From What School:  Roosevelt Jr. H.S.
*  Place of Birth:  San Diego, California
*  Date of Birth:  July 30, 1919
*  Name of Parent or Guardian:  Lyle L. Carringer
*  Occupation of Parent:  Book-keeper (Marston)
*  Residence of Parent or Guardian:  2130 Fern Street
*  Date of Graduation:  June 12, 1936
*  Date of Admission:  9-11-33
*  Grade:  L-10
*  Age at Entrance:  14 yrs 1 month
*  Left School:  [blank]
*  Transcript sent to:  S. D. State Col. 6/19/36
*  Residence:  2130 Fern Street
*  Phone No.  Ran. 8453
*  Test:  Otis
*  IQ:   131

The source citation for this record is:

San Diego [Calif.] Senior High School, "Cumulative Record Card," Cum File Cabinet C-D, Betty Virginia Carringer card, 1933; San Diego High School Alumni Association History Center, San Diego, California.

My friend, and San Diego genealogy colleague, Yvette Porter Moore, is also a graduate of San Diego High School, and is current Historian of the SDHS Alumni Association.  When she told me that on Facebook, I asked her if there were any school records, besides Yearbooks, for me, my mother, and my grandparents.  There were!!  Yvette copied them for me and sent them via email.  I was genea-smacked by them.  What treasures.

The card above is the card created at the high school when my mother, Betty Virginia Carringer, enrolled on 11 September 1933.  [Note to self:  another 9-11 event in my family history!].  I didn't know their home phone number or my mother's IQ in 1933.  IQ = 131, wow!  Of course, it meant that she had intelligence of an 18 year old when she entered at age 14.  I'm pretty sure that she was really smart all her life!

More records like this one to come!


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