Monday, April 30, 2018

New MyHeritage Feature: Family Tree Pedigree View

MyHeritage announced today that they have added a Pedigree View to complement their Family View (which I have not liked for years).   You can read their blog post New Feature: Pedigree View for Family Trees for all of the details and example screens.

The reasons given for adding the Pedigree View were:
You asked for it, and we developed it for you! This week, we released a Pedigree View mode for family trees, created in response to popular demand from our users. Many users considered the Pedigree View as their most wanted feature on MyHeritage, so we are delighted to fill this need. 
A Pedigree View includes a root person and his/her ancestors. It does not show siblings, spouses, or anyone else who is not a direct ancestor. In this view you can navigate to anyone else in your tree and view their pedigree as well. 
The new Pedigree View doesn’t replace the current view, which we call Family View. It comes in addition, and you can toggle between the two and a third view, which is a List.
Yay!  Finally.  My opinion has always been that a Pedigree View is much easier to navigate from one ancestor to another.  In the Family view, I often have to drag-and-drop the screen several times to get to a grandparent or great-grandparent.  For DNA Matches, having a Pedigree View is essential - it should be the default view for viewing the tree of a DNA Match.

Here is my Pedigree View chart, with me as the Root Person:

The "Pedigree View" button is on the upper right of the page, next to the "Family View" button and the "List" button.

Note that the Pedigree View provides five generations of ancestors of the Root Person - that is super.

If I want two more generations of one of the ancestors on the right side of the screen, I can click the right-arrow beside the ancestor's name.  On the image above, I clicked on my 3rd great-grandmother Elizabeth Horton Dill, I saw two more generations:

If I want information about one of the persons in my tree, I can click the right-arrow at the top left of the screen above.  I highlighted Thomas Richmond in my tree above, and clicked the right-arrow at the top left, and the information appeared on the left side of the screen:

That profile card shows birth and death dates and places, a list of discoveries, and family members (parents and siblings, spouse(s) and children).  I can navigate to any of those persons from the profile card.

I can also "Research this person" for the highlighted person from within the "Discoveries" section of the profile card.  I clicked on the "Research this person" link and saw:

Note also that the "Smart Matches" (green), "Record Matches" (brown) and DNA Match (purple) badges are included in the "Discoveries" section of the Profile Card and the Pedigree View.  I clicked on the brown "Record Match" badge for Thomas Richmond and saw:

I am happy that MyHeritage has added this Pedigree View.  It was long overdue.

I do hope that MyHeritage significantly improves their Search capabilities so that I don't have to scroll through the family trees before I get to the records, and enable me to choose exact or broad or in between for a person's name, birth, death, marriage, relatives, etc.  


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mbm1311 said...

I've had a lot of success using My Heritage and applaud the improvements they talked about at Roots Tech. One thing I do not like about My Heritage is that I don't find the web site easy to use or intuitive. Your post talks about some really helpful changes that is a great start in making My Heritage easy to use for genealogy research. Thanks for taking the time to give us the details.

Barb said...

YES!! I just recently secured a membership and every time I view trees I would look for the pedigree button.

Ryan Ross said...

Good. Now if they would just offer a monthly payment plan, I might subscribe.