Monday, April 30, 2018

Announcing the Virtual Genealogical Society

I received this information yesterday from the new Virtual Genealogical Society:



The Virtual Genealogical Society is a global organization serving family history enthusiasts of all levels, geared towards those:

● whose circumstances make it difficult to attend local genealogical society meetings
● who prefer online presentations, special interest groups (SIGs), conferences, and socializing
● with an interest in connecting, networking, and mentoring with global genealogists

The Virtual Genealogical Society began with the recognition that many family history enthusiasts are merging technology and globalization in their genealogical pursuits. We aim to provide a forum for genealogists to connect, network, and mentor with genealogists around the world through monthly meetings online, webinars, social networking, annual conferences, and in-person meet-ups at conferences, institutes and events around the world.

Membership is just $20 per year and provides:

● 24/7 access to Members-Only section of website
● Recorded monthly webinars by nationally-known speakers
● Webinar handouts
● Live chat with featured speakers in members-only Facebook group
● Fillable PDF forms for family history research
● Digitized monthly newsletter
● Eligibility for prizes offered during monthly webinars
● Access to Special Interest Group (SIG) discussions and handout
● Discount on annual virtual conference registration cost
● Eligibility for prizes during annual virtual conference
● Discounts on genealogy software, databases, publications and products
● Members-only Facebook group for networking, mentoring, and socializing

The Virtual Genealogical Society encourages all members to continue joining the genealogical societies in their local area and/or in the area where their ancestors lived. These societies can provide additional benefits that include:

● Access to their local database of records and indexes
● Mentorship from society members with expertise in local records and repositories
● Field trips to area repositories

The Virtual Genealogical Society will be hosting a three-day virtual conference from November 1-3, 2019. Confirmed presenters are listed on our website:

For more information, contact us at or visit


My comments:  This looks like a winner to me --  I will join.  Genealogy education in the comfort of your own genealogy cave is ideal for those who can't get to a local society or are homebound but want to be "tuned-in," plus the discounts, the annual conference, and the social aspects on Facebook.

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