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Seavers in the News- Mrs. A.H. Seaver Dies in 1956 in Milwaukee

It's time for another edition of "Seavers in the News" - a semi-regular feature from the historical newspapers about persons with the surname Seaver that are interesting, useful, mysterious, fun, macabre, or add information to my family tree database.

This week's entry is from the Eau Claire (Wis.] Leader-Telegram newspaper dated 2 May 1956:

The transcription of the first obituary is:

"Former Augusta Woman Dies in Milwaukee

"Leader & Telegram News
AUGUSTA -- Mrs. A.H. Seaver, a resident of Augusta for many years, died at a private nursing home in Milwaukee on April 25.

"Mr. and Mrs. Seaver moved from here about six years ago.  Mr. Seaver died at the nursing home in September, 1954.

"Mrs. Seaver is survived by three daughters, Mrs. James Ross of Judith Gap, Mont., Mrs. George Anderson of Billings, Mont., and Mrs. Will Wilson of Bison, S.D.; a son, Leonard of Milwaukee; and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

"Funeral services were held from a funeral home in Milwaukee on April 27.  Burial was in a cemetery at Maquoketa, Iowa."

The source citation for this article is:

"Former Augusta Woman Dies in Milwaukee,Eau Claire [Wis.] Telegram-Leader newspaper, dated 2 May 1956, page 3, column 2, Mrs. A.H. Seaver obituary; digital image,   ( :  accessed 20 September 2018).

There are several clues as to the name of Mrs. A.H. Seaver.  The best clue was the name of the son - Leonard.  I searched all of the Leonard Seavers in my RootsMagic family tree database, and found one, born in 1910, as the son of Adello Harden Seaver and Mary Elizabeth Liddle.  I also had the three daughters in my database married to the named husbands.

So, Mrs. A.H. Seaver is Mary Elizabeth (Liddle) Seaver (born 18 July 1869 in Princeton, New York, died 25 April 1956 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She married, on 18 August 1894 in Ames, Iowa, to Adello Harden Seaver was born 27 March 1872 in Maquoketa, Iowa, and died 3 September 1954, apparently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Their four children were:

*  Vivian Marie Seaver (1896-1999), who married 1918 to William Hannon Wilson (1891-1972).
*  Gertrude Seaver (1897-1987), who married 1918 to James Malcolm Ross (1892-1980).
*  Ruith E. Seaver (1901-1994), who married 1921 to George L. Anderson (1900-1974).
*  Leonard William Seaver (1910-1992), who married 1935 to Hope Eugenia Pettis (1915-1978).

I don't have any information about children or grandchildren of the children of Adello Harden and Mary Elizabeth (Liddle) Seaver.

Adello Harden Seaver is my 5th cousin 4 times removed.  I also found his 1954 obituary in the Eau Claire newspaper which provided his first name and his wife's name, plus the first names of his daughters.  


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D. Roth said...

I believe that A.H. Seaver was the Eau Claire County Surveyor during the 1930's, as we have records with his notes on them from that time in our office.
-D.Roth - Eau Claire County Surveyor