Wednesday, October 3, 2018

More We're Related Cousins - Elon, Carrie, Britney and Michael

When the We're Related mobile app was introduced by Ancestry back in 2016, every week I posted information about several of my newfound cousins, and whether I thought they were really my cousins.  It often seemed that my line back to the common ancestor was wrong because created a "big tree" and got some of my ancestral links wrong.

I stopped blogging about the mobile app in April 2017, and after awhile there were no more notices on the mobile app.  And then the app didn't work.  Recently, I reinstalled that app, and started getting notices again.  When I'm bored, I open the app and see what new "cousins" I have.  When I look at the relationships, I click on the line for myself back to the common ancestor, and compare it to what I have in my RootsMagic family tree.  If the app has the correctl ine, then I look at the line for the "other person" but I don't do any research besides determining that the first generation after the common ancestor is in my tree also.

Several of the most recent matches are:

1)  Elon Musk (Businessman) - 9th cousin, common ancestor is Mary Tucker (1640-1710):

2)  Carrie Underwood (Entertainer) - 8th Cousin 2x Removed, common ancestor is Thomas Greenman (1669-1728):

3)  Britney Spears (Entertainer) - 8th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Ruth Collins (1685-1715):

4)  Michael Jackson (Entertainer) - 9th cousin, common ancestor is Mariah Smith (1664-1734).

My line is correct for each of these relationships but I can't vouch for the line of the other person.

Perhaps my daughters and grandchildren will be excited to know that they are related to these folks.


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