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Amanuensis Monday - 1814 Deed of Sarah Green to Zachariah Hildreth Jr. in Townsend, Mass.

This week's document for Amanuensis Monday is the 1814 deed of Sarah Green of Townsend, Massachusetts to Zachariah Hildreth Junior of Townsend in the Middlesex County, Massachusetts Land Records:

[Volume 220, pages 98-99]
 [Volume 220, pages 100-101]

The transcription of this deed is:

[Volume 220, page 99, starts at bottom of right-hand page]

[In right hand margin]

Sarah Green to Zach Hildreth Jr

[body of deed]
Know all men by these presents that I Sarah

Green of Townsend in the County of Middlesex and
Commonwealth of Massachusetts widow ^woman^ in consider-
ation of fifty Dollars paid by Zachariah Hildreth Jr.
of the same Townsend aforesaid yeoman the receipt
whereof I do thereby acknowledge do hereby give grant
sell and convey unto the said Zachariah Hildreth Jr his
heirs & assigns a certain piece of meadow land in the
southardly part of Townsend aforesaid and contains
about one acre be the same more or less and bounded
as follows viz beginning at a stake and stones by the
east side of the road near said Hildreths well thence
easterly by said Hildreths land twenty three rods to a
stake in the meadow thence southerly by said Hil-
dreths land to the brook thence up the brook to a stake
by a turn in the brook from thence westerly by said
Hildreths land to a stake and stones at the road thence
northardly by said road five rods to the first men-
tioned bounds said land lying and being that parte
of the s^d meadow that was set off to Elijah Warren
Wyman by order of the Judge of Probate being his part
of that meadow which his Father bought of Joseph Put-
ney as heir to his Fathers deceased estate.  To have and 
to hold the above granted premises to the said Zach-
ariah Hildreth Jr his heirs and assigns to his and their
use and behoof forever.  And I do covenant with the
said Zachariah Hildreth Jr his heirs and assigns that
I am lawfully seized in fee of the aforegranted premises

[Volume 220, page 100, continued on top of left-hand page]

  That they are free of all incumbrances.  That I have
good right to sell and convey the same to the said Zach-
eriah Hildreth Jr, in manner abovesaid.  And that
I will warrant and defend the same premises to the
said Zacheriah Hildreth Jr his heirs and assigns for-
ever against the lawful claims and demands of all
persons.  In witness whereof I the said Sarah Green
have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty eighth
day of July in the year of our LORD one thousand eight
hundred and fourteen Sarah Green and seal.  Sined seal-
ed and delivered in presence of us Simeon Green Solomon
Green Middlesex Ss July 18th 1814.  Then the above
named Sarah Green acknowledged the above instru-
ment to be her free act and deed before me Josiah Rich-
ardson Just of Peace.
                                Middlesex Ss Cambridge  Decr 18^th 1816
Received and ordered
                                  by Samuel Bartlett Regr.

The source citation for this recorded deed is:

"Massachusetts, Land Records, 1620-1986," digital images, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,FamilySearch ( : accessed 4 November 2018), Middlesex County, "Deeds, 1816-1818, Vols. 218-220," Volume 220, page 99 (image 581 of 799), Deed of Sarah Greens  to Zachariah Hildreth Jr., executed 28 July 1814, recorded 18 December 1816.

This is the fourth deed where Zachariah Hildreth Junior bought land in Townsend, Massachusetts from someone other than his father, Zachariah Hildreth Sr.  With this deed, he bought a one acre parcel of meadow land in Townsend bordering the river for $50 from Sarah Green.

Zachariah Hildreth Jr. (1783-1857) is my third great-grandfather, who married Hannah Sawtell (1789-1857) in 1810.  I am descended through their son, Edward Hildreth (1831-1899) who married Sophia Newton (1834-1923).


NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

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