Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Reader Query: Danish Emigration 1879 | Copenhagen to New York to Chicago

Genea-Musings reader Judi Burton asked me to post this query on Genea-Musings, in hopes that the readers can contribute more information than the editor (who had no clue):

Danish Emigration 1879 | Copenhagen to New York to Chicago

I am researching information on HOW a Danish immigrant would have traveled from Castle Garden, New York to Chicago, Illinois in 1879. 

My grandmother [age 22] arrived in New York with some family members in November 1879 on the Ship Thingvalla, according to the passenger list.  Her travel record does include destination: Chicago. 
I am not able to find a direct link from Castle Garden, New York to Chicago.  Here is the emigration information:
How did they get from New York City to Chicago?

Hopefully, someone may have information or a similar story.  

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Linda Stufflebean said...

I've seen others who have written about how recent arrivals took buses from NY to a point where they could take a train to more distant places. Perhaps that is what your reader's family did.