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Seavers in the News -- Placer County Pioneer C.P. Seaver Dies in 1914

It's time for another edition of "Seavers in the News" - a weekly feature from the historical newspapers about persons with the surname Seaver that are interesting, useful, mysterious, fun, macabre, or add information to my family tree database.

This week's entry is from The Placer Herald [Rocklin, Calif.] newspaper dated 2 May 1914:

The transcription of the article is:

Obituary of Prominent Pioneer, C.P. Seaver

The ranks of the pioneers of Placer county have suffered the loss of another member in the death of Charles P. Seaver, who died her April 10th.  Mr. Seaver came to Applegate in 1878 and made his residence here continuously until the date of his death.  For ten years he engaged in farming, and while thus occupied he entertained as guests each summer a few people from the bay region, who even in those early days recognized the foothill country as a desirable place to spend vacations.  From that email beginning he built up a resort which soon became noted for its hospitality and generous table.  He was the father of this business in Applegate and many followed his example until the place has become prominent as the resort center of the lower mountains.

Mr. Seaver was a man of most charming personality, ever ready with the hand of welcome to the newcomer and the smile of encouragement and sympathy for all.  His presence meant good cheer, whether it was in his home, in the field or the public meeting.  He was charitable almost to a fault and was ever ready to do a neighborly service.  The last time he left his home it was to do an act of kindness for his neighbors.

Mr. Seaver celebrated is eighty-first birthday only a few days before his death, on which occasion a large number of his neighbors called to pay their respects.  Suffering as he was from the malady which finally carried him off, he was the life of the occasion and his ever ready wit was as bright and keen as usual.

Mr. Seaver was born in Moretown, Vermont, in 1833.  In 1858 he was married to Abbie Wood, sister of Mrs. George W. Applegate, for whom the place was named.  After twenty years of business life in Vermont he moved to Applegate and made his home here ever since.  He is survived by his wife and two sisters, Mrs. Phila Spear of Moretown, Vermont, and Mrs. Adelia Darling of Montpelier, Vermont.

The source citation for the article is:

"Obituary of Prominent Pioneer, C.P. Seaver," The Placer Herald [Rocklin, Calif.] newspaper, obituary, Saturday, 2 May 1914, page 1, column 2, Charles P. Seaver obituary;   ( : accessed 13 June 2019).

Charles Preston Seaver was born 25 March 1833 in Moretown, Vermont, the son of Josiah Willis and Sarah (Hollis) Seaver.  Her married Abigail Ann "Abbie" Wood (1838-1915) on 7 Julty 1858 in Moretown.  They had no children.

The obituary mentions two sisters of Charles P. Seaver - Mrs. Phila Spear (1825-1922), who married (2) Martin R. Spear (1833-1896);  and Mrs. Adelia Darling (1829-1915).  I did not have the spouse of Adelia in my RootsMagic family tree, but his name is on Adelia's gravestone, George Darling.

Charles Preston Seaver is my 4th cousin 4 times removed.  


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