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Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1892 City Directory Entry for David Auble (1817-1894)

This weeks Tuesday's Treasure is the 1892 Terre Haute, Indiana City Directory entry for David Auble (1817-1894):

The entry for David Auble is on the right hand page:

The transcribed information for David and his two daughters is:

*  Auble, David, shoemkr, 325 N. 4th, res 411 Chestnut.
*  Auble Fannie Miss, res. 411 Chestnut.
*  Auble Katherine Miss, res. 411 Chestnut.

The source citation for the David Auble entry is:

"U.S. City Directories, 1822-1895," indexed database with record images, Ancestry.com (https://www.ancestry.com : accessed 8 July 2019), Terre Haute, Indiana, 1892, page 93 (image 25 of 443), David Auble entry.

This entry indicates that David Auble was a shoemaker working at 325 N. 4th Street in Terre Haute, and that his residence was 411 Chestnut Street in Terre Haute.  Fannie Auble and Katherine Auble, his unmarried daughters, resided with him.  There is no mention of his wife, Sarah (Knapp) Auble, although she was still alive then.  It appears, from other entries on the page, that spouses were not listed, but widows were listed.

Unfortunately, the page in the City Directory with the city street map was not digitized, so here is the 2019 Google Map of downtown Terre Haute:

The street just above the stick pin is Chestnut Street, and the north-south street just to the west of the stickpin is North 4th Street.  It looks like David's shoe shop and his home were on the same block.  A look at the Street View indicates that there is an Indiana State University building where the Auble home once stood.

I found a 1900 street map of Terre Haute on the Library of Congress website; here is the area around 4th and Chestnut, with 411 Chestnut circled.  I think 325 North 4th is probably the parcel just to the south of the Knapp property:

David Auble (1817-1894) and Sarah (Knapp) Auble (1818-1904) are my 2nd great-grandparents, through their oldest son, Charles Auble (1849-1916), who married Georgianna Kemp (1868-1952) in 1898.


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