Monday, September 30, 2019

#ProjectGenealogy Launches on 4 October 2019

I received this information from Family History Fanatics over the weekend:


#ProjectGenealogy Launches
October 4th

Kick-off Family History Month by celebrating the migrations of our ancestors via a stimulating YouTube video Series.

Spearheaded by Jarrett Ross, the GeneaVlogger, and Matt Baker, of UsefulCharts, the ambitious #ProjectGenealogy collaboration features seven genealogy YouTube channels and their hosts showcasing the migration of people around the world.

Grab your favorite beverage and savor 1½ hours with your favorite beverage and enjoy the video journey. Learn the history behind various migrations, discover how to research their journey and which records to explore, and ultimately, follow the tips for writing about your ancestor’s journey. 
All migration themed videos go live on each creator’s channel at 2 PM Eastern (GMT-4 ) on Friday, October 4. To ease you through your journey, start the YouTube video journey via this playlist: 

You can further enhance the #ProjectGenealogy experience by:

  • thanking each creator in the comments section of their video,
  • asking questions or sharing further insights in the comments section,
  • sharing the videos with your genealogy societies and online communities using the hashtag  #projectgenealogy.

Disclosure:  I have no financial relationship with Family History Fanatics or these speakers at this time.  I have been a speaker, and was compensated for my efforts, one time with Family History Fanatics.  They are my friends, and do a wonderful job evangelizing and demonstrating genealogy and family history.

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