Wednesday, December 18, 2019

TribalPages Has Decorative Family Tree Charts

After I posted Offers a Beautiful Fan Family Chart for Free! last week, reader Bob emailed me saying:

"Speaking of genealogy charts, I am very pleased with the wide assortment of charts that are available in my online TribalPages family tree. Please open the attachment.

"There are two different decorative family tree charts, thirty different decorative fan charts, three different classic ancestor charts, thirteen different descendant charts, and five different ancestor charts. Of course you can easily change the "head person" on each chart to whomever is in your tree. I have over 7000 names in mine along with thousands of pictures. There are free versions available of TribalPages but that does not include access to all of the charts. My deluxe edition (usually $36 per year) is a bargain and includes all of the charts and more storage and other things."

Bob included this chart showing the TribalPages decorative charts available on the site:

Thank you to Bob for providing this example of another set of decorative charts, and documentation of our genealogy and family history, on a relatively economical website.


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