Friday, January 17, 2020

RootsTech 2020 SLC Announces Virtual Pass Sessions

The RootsTech Blog just posted "Access RootsTech Sessions When and Where You Want" about the Virtual Pass to 30 videoed RootsTech 2020 SLC sessions.  

These sessions will not be livestreamed, but will be videoed and will be available to watch two to three weeks after the conference for subscribers to the Virtual Pass.  

The Virtual Pass costs $129 (non-conference goers) or $79 (for conference goers).  Access is available to Virtual Pass holders for one year.  The last day to purchase the Virtual Pass is 1 September 2020.

You can see much more information about the Virtual Pass on the blog post.

Here are the class sessions that will be on the Virtual Pass for RootsTech 2020 SLC:

  • Resources for Tracing Mayflower Ancestors – Lindsay Fulton, Donald LeClair, Ginevra Morse
  • Accreditation: What, Why, and How – Diana Elder, Jenny Hansen, Lisa Stokes
  • Challenges of Jewish Research: Names, Dates, Places – Janette Silverman
  • What do you mean the vital record is wrong? – Shannon Combs-Bennett
  • Essential Tools for the Hobbyist Genealogist – Olivia Jewell
  • Kicking DNA up a Notch to Unmask Unknown Ancestors – Roberta Estes
  • Finding My Story: Adoption and Family History – Amie Tennant
  • 10 Years Later: 20 Ways RootsTech Changed Our World – D. Joshua Taylor
  • Ancestry Search Tips & Tricks – Crista Cowan
  • Oral History for Beginners: Interviewing Is Key – Rachel Trotter, Rhonda Lauritzen
  • Report for Duty: Find Stories of Veteran Ancestors – Lindsay Fulton, David Lambert, Melanie McComb
  • The Leeds Method: Grouping DNA Matches to Identify Shared Ancestors – Dana Leeds
  • Finding Your England Ancestors Online – Jana Greenhalgh
  • The 2020 Genealogist’s Google Search Methodology – Lisa Louise Cooke
  • German Vital Records: Finding the Clues You Need – Katherine Schober
  • British & Irish Research: The Differences – Brian Donovan
  • Gathering the Life Stories of Living Generations – Deborah Abbott, Sunny Morton, Jay Newton-Small
  • A 5 Company Comparison of DNA Ethnicity Results – Diahan Southard
  • Any French ancestors? Research them yourself! – Muriele Gadaut, Jerome Malhache
  • Super Tools: Research Plans and Logs – Heather Murphy
  • Using the Online Scandinavian Church Records – Jenny Hansen
  • Geography of the British Isles: A Crash Course! – Myko Clelland
  • Y-DNA Basics for Genealogy & Parentage – Gale French
  • The First Documented Africans and Hear Their Story – Ric Murphy
  • DNA Clusters: Power in Numbers – Randy Whited
  • Engaging the Family in Telling Your Family Story – Nicole Dyer, Jana Greenhalgh, Olivia Jewell
  • FamilySearch Records: The Most Valuable Collections for your Family History – David Ouimette
  • Three Next Steps for Your DNA Test – Diahan Southard
  • Not in the Census? Try again! – Drew Smith
  • Locating Your Immigrant’s Hometown – Debbie Gurtler

There are many excellent speakers and interesting topics in that list.

NOTE:  I understand that there will be a set of livestreamed classes which will be FREE to watch during the conference, and will be available after the conference as well.  When information about the FREE livestreamed classes is available, I will post that list.  I anticipate that will be available in early to mid-February.


Disclosure:  I will attend RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City on February 26-29, and am a RootsTech Ambassador.  I will receive a full conference pass and have access to the Media Hub.

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Lisa S. Gorrell said...

My first thought was, they won't be live-streaming anymore. Do you know if that is not true?

Randy Seaver said...


\My understanding is that they will livestream some classes without a fee, and these will be available for the year or more).

Thery will be different classes from these virtual pass classes.

They did this last year also - one set livestreamed, a second set with a pay requirement. They have not announced the set of livestream classes yet.

I should have clarified that in this blog post.