Monday, February 3, 2020

Explore Your MyHeritageDNA Matches Locations and Ethnicities

MyHeritageDNA provides a lot more information than some of the other DNA analysis sites.  I checked my DNA Overview for the first time in awhile, and was surprised by some of the information.

For instance - in MyHeritageDNA, when you click on DNA, then Overview, the page opens with your ethnicity estimate and relationships with your DNA Matches.  I have:

*  1 Close Family

*  3 Extended Family

*  8,051 Distant Relatives

The next section is Locations of my DNA Matches.  Here is my map:

I can click on any country on the map or in the list and see which of my DNA matches reside in that country.

The next section is Ethnicities of my DNA matches (two screens below):

I'm not surprised that I have DNA matches with any of these regions, but find it fascinating that I have DNA matches with partial Nigerian, Japanese and Korean, and Polynesian ethnicity.

I have, according to MyHeritageDNA, 1.1% Mesoamerican and Andean DNA, and have 143 DNA matches that share that ethnicity.  I wonder if any of them are close cousins on the specific chromosome that I have that ethnicity. 

There used to be a chart on 23andMe that showed which chromosomes have specific ethnicities, but I cannot find it now. 

UPDATE:  Thanks to reader vernonsca in Comments who showed me where to find the ethnicity chromosome browser (Ancestry > Ancestry composition > scroll to chromosome browser).  My Native American ethnicity is on chromosome 12 from about 25% to 50% of the chromosome length in the image.  I could check those 143 DNA matches on MyHeritage and determine if any share segments on chromosome 12 in that approximate location. 


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vernonsca said...

To find out which chromosomes have specific ethnicities, click on Ancestry on the top menu, and pull down to Ancestry Composition. Scroll down for the chromosome view.