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Did Sarah Giberson Marry Two Seaver Men? - Part II

In Part I of this series, I sorted through census records concerning the family of Sarah Giberson (1837-1902) who, apparently, married (1) John Seaver in about 1856 and (2) Samuel C. Seaver in about 1870 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1)  She may have had children with both husbands.  The only birth record I could find for the children was for son John Ellsworth Seaver (1861-1926), in the "Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Births, 1860-1906" collection on FamilySearch:

I could not access the digital microfilm for this record at this time.  While this doesn't give Sarah's last name, it is an official birth record for the son, John [Ellsworth] Seaver, and the birth date matches the birth date on his death certificate.

2)  There is a church record for the baptisms (and some birth dates) of several Seaver children in the Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia in the "Pennsylvania and New Jersey Church Records, 1669-2013" on  Here are the Seaver entries:
The children of John and Mary Seaver are:

*  Elizabeth Knor Seaver, baptized 11 October 1868
*  John Ellsworth Seaver, baptized 11 October 1868
*  Phoebe Ann Seaver, baptized 11 October 1868
*  Sarah Maria Seaver, baptized 11 October 1868.

There are entries also for a father Clayton Seaver and a George Seaver.

The mother's name is listed as Mary, and not Sarah.  Since these children ended up in the 1870 census as children of Sarah Seaver, and in 1880 in the Samuel C. Seaver household, I think the cleric who recorded this after the event made a mistake and wrote Mary.

3)  The death certificates for Sarah M. (Seaver) Fleming, Elizabeth K. (Seaser) Taylor, and Phoebe Ann (Seaver) Snowdon are helpful:

Sarah's parents are shown as John Seaver and Sarah Gilberson.  Her death date of 71 years, 10 months, 17 days and death date of 22 November 1928 calculates a birth date of 25 December 1856.

Elizabeth K. (Seaser) Taylor's death was on 13 Jan 1937.  Her birth date is given as 26 January 1858.  Her parent's names are given as John Seaver (indexed as Seaser) and Sarah Giberson.

Phoebe's parents are shown as John C. Seaver and Sarah M. Giberson.  Her birth date is given as 29 March 1866.

4)  There is one other death certificate showing Sarah Giberson as the mother - that for Amanda (Seaver) Horrocks:

Amanda's parents were named as Samuel Seavers and Sarah A Giberson.  She was born 22 July 1872.

5)  There is one more death certificate of interest:

This is the death record of George W[ashington] Seaver.  It lists his parents as Samuel Seavers and Mary Fisher.  It says his birth date was 2 October 1865.

7)  One more death record, from Ancestry's "Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1803-1915" collection:

This record provides a death date for a John [C.] Seaver as 3 December 1866, a birth year (about 1838], a birth place (near Holmesburg), and parents names - Clayton and Phebe (--?--) Seaver.  There is also a cemetery record (in the Philadelphia Church and town Records) and a Find A Grave memorial for this John Seaver.

8)  I improved my hypothesis about thetwo Seaver families.  My current hypothesis, based on the records presented and others found to date, is:

John C. Seaver (1834-1866) married Sarah A. Giberson (1837-1902) in about 1855 in Philadelphia, and had children:

*   Sarah Maria Seaver (1856-1928, married George Davis Fleming)
*  Elizabeth Knor Seaver (1858-1937, married James S. Taylor)
*  John Ellsworth Seaver (1861-1926, married Mary Catherine Toole)
*  Phoebe Ann Seaver (1866-1927, married Francis G. Snowdon).

Samuel C. Seaver (1832-1895) married (1) Mary Fisher (1835-????), and had:

*  George Washington Seaver (1865-1942, married Anna M. Wilkins).

Samuel C. Seaver married (2) Sarah A. (Giberson) Seaver (1837-1902) in about 1870, and had:

* Amanda W. Seaver (1872-1918, married George Horrocks).

9)  The next puzzle to be solved in this study is the birth families of John C. Seaver and Samuel C. Seaver.  Are they brothers?  Or is this just a coincidence that two Seaver men married Sarah Giberson in the same place in the same time frame?


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