Monday, May 4, 2020

RootsMagic Version 8 Update - Two More Videos

I have been remiss in sharing the latest information about RootsMagic Version 8.  The program has not been released to date.  An overview of RootsMagic 8 was provided in a blog post and video highlighted in RootsMagic 8 News - To Be Released in 2020?

At RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City in late February, Bruce Buzbee gave classes on using RootsMagic 8 - see the YouTube video here:

In March, Bruce released another video about the "People Page" here:

The look and feel are significantly different from RootsMagic 7, but the RootsMagic blog post and the first video assures everyone that all of the latest features in RootsMagic 7 (including the Ancestry TreeShare, FamilySearch Family Tree matching, and WebHints) will work in RootsMagic 8.

I think that there will be a significant learning curve for RM8 users because of the changes, but it should be faster and more intuitive than RM7.  After 13 years with essentially the same screens and navigation tools, this old dog will have to re-train his fingers to do many of the functions that are now "automagic."

My thanks to Bruce and the team for working through all the issues to provide a quality product when RootsMagic 8 is released.


Disclosure:  I have been a happy RootsMagic user since 2006, and have purchased every new version.  I have not received material considerations from RootsMagic.

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