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Amanuensis Monday -- 1731 Estate Inventory of Joseph Clark (1664-1731) of Medfield, Mass.

This week's document for transcription is the 1731 Estate Inventory of the estate of Joseph Clark (1664-1731) of Medfield, Massachusetts, in Probate Packet 6,138 in the Suffolk County, Massachusetts probate court records:

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The transcription of this Inventory is:

An Inventory of the Estates goods Chattels & houses & lands
of Cap't Joseph Clark late of Medfield Deceaced
as it was apprized by the Subscribers here unto
Medfield September y'e 2'd 1731 viz. As followeth

To books arms paper money Bonds & silver money   143    16   0
To Several Suts of Cloathing with a Cane     25      0   0
To Several Beds and bedding belonging to them     35    10     0
To Brass and puter Earthen and glass bottels     11    10   0
To iron pots fire pan tongs hagues hand irons & tow comb      5    17   0
To Sheets table Cloaths & knapkins    17    12   0
To sacks wool flax and hemp    11    14 11
To spinings wheels Chests Chairs tubs killers trayes
Barrels Dishes Spoons Cheese press and other wooden wear
To Indian Corn and wry & malt & flax    58    08   2
To sadels Cart Rope Cart wheels yoke irons & plows    13    15     0
To sithes sickels saws hamers & Carpender tools bar iron
axes hows Chains horse tacklin harrow teeth & other old iron
   14      1   0
                                    Stock of Chattel

To one yoke of oxen and five Cows    55      0    0
To horses young Chattel Sheep and Swine    53    10   0
To a small work house neare the Dwelling house      8      0   0
To the Dwelling house with y'e Conveniencys of it    90      0   0
To a malt house with y'e privilidges belonging to it    60      0   0
To y'e Barn yard with y'e privilidges belonging to it    30      0   0
To a Corn mill with y'e mill pond & privilidges belonging to it  100      0   0
To all y'e land orchard & medow land & plow land & pasture
land lying on the East side of y'e highway by y'e house
   66      0   0
To three acres of plow land lying on the northwest
side of the highway that goith to the house
   36      0   0
To twenty one acres of medow land lying by Stop River  270      0   0
To an orchard on y'e south side of the highway
that goeth by the house
   30      0   0
To a persal of plow land and pasture land on
the south side of the high way that goeth by y'e house
   90      0   0
To a persal of pasture land lying neare
the Barn Called y'e neck
 168      0   0
To a persal of woodland & medow land
Containing Eighty Acres lying in the Bounds
of Walpole by Joshua Fishers shoub med
   88     0   0
To twenty seven acres of wood land lying
in the Bounds of Walpole
   60     0   0
To Eighteen acres of Devident land neare Rock medow    34     0    0
To ten acres & half of wood land on
the south side of Stop River
   21     0   0
To all the land lying in the Bounds of Wren-
tham upland & medow land belonging to this
Estate that came to our knowlidg
   70     0   0
To the land in the Black Swamp Devident    43     0   0
To the land in new Medfield all his rights there    75     0   0
To the land in y'e Contry goar all his rights there    75     0   0
To Six acres of medow land & upland neare
Dea. George Barbur in the north part of y'e Town
 110     0   0
To Eleven acres of land part upland & part Swamp
Lying in y'e plat of Land Called y'e neck
the widow claiming the one half of it as her right
   56     0   0
To a sartain house & half an acre of Land it stands
on in the north part of the Town
   40     0   0
To a percal medow and upland in the north part
of the Town Called the green with Land joyning to it
 120     0   0
To two acres of medow in Center medow    40     0   0
To eleven acres at Crambery pond    33     0   0
To Eight acres three roods in two percals near pine
hill being part upland and part swamp
   25     0     0
To five acres of land in the north part of y'e town in two
persals part upland and part swamp
   36     0   0
To land in Revertion not yet laid out      2   10   0

2434   07   1
Samuel Smith
Ebenezer Mason
John Eles

[Note: I had some problems getting the numbers in the correct row in Blogger.  Please consult the images]

The source citation for this probate case file is:

Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Probate case files, Packet #6,138 (48 images), Joseph Clark of Medfield, administration granted 1731; "Suffolk County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1636-1893," indexed database and digital images, New England Historical and Genealogical Society, American Ancestors ( : accessed 22 July 2020); from records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, digitized images provided by

Joseph Clark (1664-1731) died intestate on 13 July 1731 in Medfield.   He married (1) Mary Wight (1667-1705) in 1686, and they had seven children between 1687 and 1703.  Joseph married (2) widow Abigail (Turner) Smith in 1707 in Boston, and they had one child.  

This probate packet contains 48 pages, including the letter of administration, an inventory, an account, and a division of the real and personal estate of Joseph Clark, along with 16 pages of the estate of his son, Joseph Clark (who also died in 1731), and the estate of Joseph's widow, Abigail, who died in 1750.  The inventory totaled 2,434 pounds, 7 shillings and 1 pence, of which the real estate totaled 1968 pounds, 10 shillings. 

Joseph and Mary (Wight) Clark are my 7th great-grandparents, through their daughter Hephsibah Clark (1699-1791) who married Timothy Hamant (1699-1774) in 1727.


NOTE: Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday." John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

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