Monday, August 3, 2020

AncestryDNA Updates DNA Match Schedule and Genetic Communities

The AncestryDNA website has information about the schedule for updating DNA matches and the new genetic communities.  Here are the details:

1)  More accurate number of shared segments (beginning early August)
The DNA you share with a match is distributed across short segments, long segments, or some combination of both. Our updated matching algorithm may reduce the estimated number of segments you share with some of your DNA matches. This doesn’t change the estimated total amount of shared DNA (measured in centimorgans/cM) or the predicted relationship to your matches.

2)  See the length of your longest shared segment (beginning mid August)
The length of the longest segment you and a DNA match have in common can help determine if you’re actually related. The longer the segment, the more likely you’re related. Segment length is also the easiest way to evaluate the difference between multiple matches that all show the same estimated relationship. Our updated matching algorithm can show you the length of the longest segment you share with your matches.

3)  Distant DNA matches must share 8.0 cM or higher (beginning late August)
Our updated matching algorithm will increase the likelihood you’re actually related to very distant matches. As a result, you’ll no longer see matches or be matched to people who share 7.9 cM or less DNA with you unless you’ve messaged them and/or included them in a note, or added them to a group (including your starred group). This means you will have fewer DNA matches and ThruLines™. Based on customer feedback, we are delaying this change until late August so you have time to review and determine if you want to save any very distant matches by sending them a message and/or including them in a note or group

4)  Ancestry® Unveils Updated Communities for Members with Ties to Asia. &Polynesia, South. Africa &Australia
The updated genetic communities now have 20 Southeast Asian, 9 East Asian, 14 South Asian, 31 Oceanian, 2 African and 1 Central Asian & Russian community.  Read more on their blog.
Note:  My genetic communities are shown in color on the screen above.

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