Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Linda and Her Girls in About 1989 -- Post 631 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I can't help it, I can't do a wordless post! I found some more family photos hiding in Linda's family photo boxes. This is one of my favorite photographs:

This photograph is from about 1989 and was taken in our living room in our current house in Chula Vista, with the 1970s style wood paneling, the dark wood furniture, the comfy brown recliners, and the plaid couch.  You can't see the other matching recliner, other matching lamp, the china and silver hutch, or the coffee table, and the orangish shag carpet. That's Linda's Golden Gate bridge painting on the wall.  The living room no longer looks like this, except for the bridge painting.

That is Linda in the middle, with daughter Tami (age 13 in 1989) and daughter Lori (age 15 in 1989), all with smiles on their face.  I have no idea what the event for this was - perhaps it was Linda's birthday.  There is an angel ornament plugged into the wall socket on the arm of the couch - it may rotate or play music.  We were big on angels for decades.

These photos were scanned from photographs created from developed film prints and are not particularly sharp, but they are what we have!

Several times a year when our children were growing up, Linda sent photographs to her parents and brother in San Francisco. When her father died in 2002, her brother sorted out the photos and gave Linda the ones that were of our family and the ones interacting with them. They were given to us in a big box of stuff back in 2006, and we finally looked at them last year! I've started digitizing them for use in these Wordless Wednesday posts.


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