Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Dear Randy: Who Are Your Mayflower 1620 Ancestors?

 A society colleague asked me this question in email, and since the Mayflower was on the high seas 400 years ago today, here are my ancestors who were aboard the ship:

You can seem ore information about the Mayflower on the website.

On my paternal grandmother's side:

*  William White (1587-1621), who married 
*  Susanna (Jackson) White (1592-1675)
*  Peregrine White (1620-1704), who married Sarah Bassett (1628-1711)

*  Richard Warren (1578-1628), who married Elizabeth Walker (1580-1673)

*  George Soule (1601-1680), who married Mary Bucket (1603-1676)

*  Francis Cooke (1583-1663), who married Jeanne Hester Mehieu (1586-1666)
*  John Cooke (1607-1695), who married Sarah Warren (1614-1696)

On my paternal grandfather's side:

*  William Brewster (1566-1644), who married 
*  Mary (--?--) Brewster (1569-1627)

*  Stephen Hopkins (1581-1644), who marred Mary Kent alias Back (1580-1613)
*  Constance Hopkins (1606-1677), who married Nicholas Snow (1604-1676)

On my maternal grandmother's side:

*  Edward Fuller (1575-1621), who married
*  Ann (--?--) Fuller (1581-1621)
*  Samuel Fuller (1608-1683), who married Jane Lothrop (1614-1678)

I have 14 of the 104 passengers who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 in my ancestry.

I decided early in 2020 to submit an application to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants using my William White ancestry, but have not completed the preliminary Application yet.  I need several certificates and have not sent for them yet.

Are you my cousin with any of these folks as our common ancestor?  Please let me know in comments to this post.  Thank you!


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Linda Stufflebean said...

Hi Cousin, We share George Soule and Mary Buck3et/Becket, but they are my only ancestors on the Mayflower. You have quite a collection.

Dennis A. Young said...

On my paternal grandmother's side:
9ggf - Stephen Hopkins (1582-1644) m Mary Kent
8ggm - Constance Hopkins (1606-1677) m Nicholas Snow

then through their daughter,
7ggm - Constance Snow (1646-1682) m Daniel Doane

The Gardening Genie said...

Good morning, Cousin George,
We share George Soule, my mother's approved Mayflower ancestor through her father.
I have a great note I found in her Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants 25th Anniversary Book. Abbie Barnes (1924-2019) served in the US Navy and came to Canada after WW2. She was a founding member of the Canadian society> In 2008, she discovered she could reclaim her US citizenship and happily voted for the first time in the historic 2008 election.
Cousin Georgie

Kath said...

I am also descended from Stephen Hopkins and his daughter Constance. I am then through Constance’s daughter Mary Snow.

Unknown said...

Hello Cousin - You and I have Stephen and Constance Hopkins as shared ancestors. Constance's daughter Mary married Thomas Paine, and their son Elisha is my ancestor.

Unknown said...

Possible maiden names for your missing ones for Mary Wentworth Brewster and Ann Hopkins Fuller. Sarah Bassett White was my 11th Great Aunt. More distantly related to several of the other names you listed. Thanks for the posting. Barb Briggs Ledbury

Unknown said...

Hello Cousin,
I too am linked to Richard Warren & Francis Cooke with certificates from the Mayflower Society. I have a complete line up to William Brewster but have not submitted an application.

You sure do have a lot of connections with the Mayflower passengers.
Best wishes

Mary Richardson said...

Richard Warren and Elizabeth Walker were my 10g-grandparents. And though not on the Mayflower, I'm descended from Jean/Jan de Lannoy (morphed into Delano -- as in FDR) and his wife Marie le Mahieu, who was your Hester's sister.