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Amanuensis Monday -- 1706 Division of Real Estate of John Plimpton (1649-1704) of Medfield, Massachusetts

 This week's document for transcription is the 1706 Division for the Estate of John Plimpton (1649-1704) of Medfield, Massachusetts, in Probate Packet 2,865 in the Suffolk County, Massachusetts probate court records. 

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The transcription of this division is:

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In obedience to and persuance of an order of y'e Hon'ble Judge of probates for y'e
County of Suffolk bareing Date March y'e Seventh Day Anno Domini 1704
Directed to us whose Names are hereunto Subscribed together with Joseph Medcalf
and Joseph Ellice or any three of us to make a Division of y'e houses and Lands of
John plimpton Late of Medfield husbandman Deceased Intestate to and among his
widow and children and there Legall Representatives according to law.  We the
said Subscribers have Divided said house and Lands to each one his and her
full part or share as followeth.

Viz. To Sara plimpton widow of the Deceased for her thirds for Term of Life
for her third part in y'e Dwelling house y'e Lower Room of that end of y'e house next
to m'r Joseph Baxter with y'e Celler and y'e back Leanto adjoyning so far as the
partition, and one third part of y'e barn and one third of y't home Lot and Land
at home orchard and Land lying on both sides of y'e way to Ly on that side next to
m'r Baxters (Excepting a Spot or parcell of Land on y's north Side of y'e Brook --
also three acres and a half of meadow Land by harbour Iland near Bullards
Causway on that side next to Nathaniel partridges meadow, and four acres more
of meadow land next to y'e Long Causway and also nine acres of pine swamp
meadow by Stop River next to Jonathan Boydens swampy meadow, more
also three acres of Clay pitt paster and one fourth part of a grist mill and Rights therto
more seven acres and od measure of woodland on y'e south side of Stop River, and more
twelve acres and three Roods of swampy Land that was granted to m'r wilson, and
five acres one Rood and thirty four Rods of woodland by noon Hill that was Bullens
and also five acres and twenty two Rods of woodland that was John pratts on y'e
south side of stop River, and one Common Right in Wrentham bounds.

To John Plimpton Eldest son of y'e Deceased for his two shares or Double
portion, the other two third parts of y'e Dwelling house and barn and
nessisary yard Room and passage thereunto, and y'e other two third parts
of y'e home lot orchards and Land at home on both sides of y'e way
Excepting what is above Excepted, More also twelve acres of
pine swamp meadow bottom by stop River, on that side next to
John Fishers swamp, more two acres of meadow by harbour Iland
adjoyning to his mothers on that side next to bullards causway
and also one acre more of meadow adjoyning to his mothers and his own that
was Joseph Bullards, and also a woodlot on y'e south side of Stop River being
Six acres three Roods and Twenty Six Rods that was Isaac Chinrys and five acres
and a half of pine swamp near Wheelers Bottom and two acres and a half
of Cedar Swamp in Deadham bounds, and also that percel of swampy land at
y'e south side of Chinrys Causway, more one acre and a half of meadow in broad
meadow, and four acres and a half of swamp and meadow joyning to Daniel Thurstons
meadow and Wrentham Line, more also nine or ten acres of upland containing y'e
old field on y'e south side of Stop River and four acres and a half of woodland ad-
joyning to it and also five acres one Rood and 28 Rods of woodland that was Joseph plimptons
and y'e one half of three acres and a half and 17 Rods of woodland that was Warfields
Northeast side and one common Right in Wrentham bounds.

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To His Son Henry Plimpton for his single part or share.
one hundred and twenty acres of Land and meadow at y'e new grant, More
five acres and a half of meadow and upland by Charles River and also Six acres
of swampy meadow in pine Swamp next to his Brother Johns, more one acre of
of meadow in North meadow Next to y'e upland, and also one quarter part of a
Saw mill with Rights of Lands belonging to it, More a small Dwelling house
on y'e North Side of y'e brook with a smalle percell of Land on said side of y'e brook,
More also Six acres of Land at Chesnut Iland, and also Six acres and od
measure of woodland on y'e north Side of the Town.

To his Daughter Elizabeth plimpton for her Single part or share.
Three and twenty acres and one Rood of swamp and upland on y'e west
side of Charles River and three acres and Sixteen Rods of Course meadow
on y'e same side of y'e River purchased of John Warfield, More nine acres
and one Rood of upland on y'e west side of Charles River adjoyning to
y'e Land granted to Joshua fisher, and also three acres and a half and thirty
four Rods of woodland on y'e Same Side of y'e River adjoyning to the
farm Land southward, More also four acres and a half of meadow land
adjoyning to her brother Henry's acre of meadow ^in north meadow^, more also two percels
of Land in Wrentham bounds, one parcel being fourteen acres of a plow
Land, y'e other percel being four acres and a half of woodland, and seventy
acres of woodland in Deadham bounds that was Dowens, and also the
Black Swamp Lot, more fifteen acres of plow Land in Wrentham bounds
near y'e great River next to Jonathan plimptons Land, and also two
acres of meadow at Stop River to ly next y'e meadow of mary plimpton
and to have a cart passage from y'e bridg to y'e Litle Iland, More the one
half of a wood lot that was Warfields Containing in y'e whole three acres and
a half and Seventeen Rods, y'e south west side of it.

Medfield  December y'e 25'th 1706.                      
                                                                              Sam'l Barbur
                                                                              Henry Adams
                                                                             Jonathan Benson
Suffolk Ss   Boston  4 febru, 1706
I Accept and allow of this Pretame of the Committee
as a Division and Settlement of the houseing and Land of
the within named John Plimpton, his Eldest Son John
Plimpton appearing to present the same, Declared his full
Satisfaction therewith                         Is'a Addington, J. Prob.

The source citation for this probate case file is:

Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Probate case files, Case File 2865 (37 images), John Plimpton of Medfield, 1705; "Suffolk County (Massachusetts) Probate Records, 1636-1899," digital images, American Ancestors ( : accessed 6 August 2020). From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, digitized images provided by

John Plimpton (1649-1704) married (1) Elizabeth Fisher (1659-1694) in 1678 in Medfield, and they had three children:

*  John Plimpton (1680-1730), married 1707 Susanna Draper (1687-1769)
*  Henry Plimpton (1684-1731), married 1706 Mary Smith (1688-1774)
*  Joseph Plimpton (1686-????).

John Plimpton married (2) Sarah Turner (1663-1738) in 1697 in Medfield, and they had two children:

*  Sarah Plimpton (1700-1706)
*  Elizabeth Plimpton (1702-1725), married 1719 Jonathan Metcalf (1690-1758).

John Plimpton died intestate on 30 January 1704 in Medfield, Massachusetts.  The Bond and Letter of Administration on 5 April 1704 was signed by sons John Plimpton and Henry Plimpton, and the Inventory was presented on 5 April 1704.  A committee of three divided the estate - one third to the widow and two-thirds to the three living children - John (two shares), Henry (one share) and Elizabeth (one share), with John receiving the rest of the homestead.  When the second wife, Sarah (Turner) Plimpton, died in 1738, her third share was appraised, and distributed to the grandchildren of John Plimpton, since the three children were deceased, with grandson John Plimpton (son of John Plimpton) receiving the homestead.

John and Elizabeth (Fisher) Plimpton are my 8th great-grandparents, through their son John Plimpton (1680-1730) who married Susanna Draper (1687-1769) in 1707 in Medfield, Massachusetts.


NOTE: Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday." John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

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