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Review: "Genealogy at a Glance: War of 1812 Research - Updated Edition," by Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG, CGL

  The Genealogical Publishing Company in Baltimore has published another in its series of "Genealogy at a Glance" laminated research guides - this time for "War of 1812 Research - Updated Edition", by Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG, CGL (copyright 2020 by Federation of Genealogical Societies).

This "Genealogy at a Glance" booklet has four laminated pages on one 11" x 17" paper (folded). It is designed to give the user the basic elements of genealogy research in the allotted space. They provide an overview of the facts a researcher needs to know in order to begin and proceed successfully with research in the subject.

The description of the War of 1812 Research - Updated Edition  booklet includes:

Over 250,000 men served in the War of 1812, some for as little as a month. Their service records are found mostly in the National Archives, but also in various other archives and repositories. Many are now available online. Therefore, a researcher needs a guide containing the most current information on how and where to access these War of 1812 records, which is precisely what this updated At a Glance guide is designed to do.

The vast majority of War of 1812 records consist of (1) pension records, (2) compiled military service records, and (3) bounty-land warrant application files. There are other records, of course, but these are the three main entry points in genealogical research. The purpose of this guide is to show you where these records are located, what they contain, and whether they are indexed, microfilmed, digitized, or found online. Regular army and navy records, prisoner of war records, lineage societies, state records, and published sources are also highlighted here.

With an updated and expanded list of online resources and record sources, and a handy checklist for finding militiamen, this updated edition of Genealogy at a Glance: War of 1812 Research is the best, and most current, guide for those wishing to trace their War of 1812 ancestors.

The booklet has these sections:
  • Contents
  • Quick Facts
  • Finding a War of 1812 Soldier
  • Preserving the Pensions
            * What is a Pension?
            * Genealogical Value of Military Pensions
            * The War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions Project

  • Original NARA Record Sources Not Online 
            * Compiled Military Service Records
            * Bounty Land Application Files
            * Regular Army Records
            * Navy Records
            * War of 1812 Prisoner of War Records
  •  Other Record Sources
            * Lineage Societies
            * State Records
            * National Parks and Battlegrounds

  • More to Know
  • Additional Online Resources
  • Research Checklist for Militiamen

This booklet is designed primarily for the person who has little experience and understanding of War of 1812 Research and provides an overview of the basics of finding these resources.

For someone like me that teaches and talks about genealogy a bit, it is invaluable because I can pull it out and provide some guidance to my student or colleague interested in the subject.

The beauty of these "Genealogy at a Glance" booklets is that they are very light and portable in a briefcase or laptop case. They are fixtures in my research case.

This four-page laminated booklet costs $9.95,  plus postage and handling. You can order it through the Genealogical Store, or use the link for the War of 1812 Research - Updated Edition booklet and click on the "Add to Cart" link.  I recommend buying these booklets at seminars and conferences where they are offered in order to avoid the shipping costs.


Disclosure: Genealogical.com contacted me recently and asked me to provide a review of this booklet. They mailed me a review copy for my personal use as remuneration for this review.

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bgwiehle said...

I know these booklets are intended for beginners in the topic, but this one seems to ignore a substantial component -- the other side. Was there ANY mention of records in other countries, or of the Canadian battlefields? There doesn't seem to be anything in your review or on the opening page image that reflects that the booklet references only resources for the U.S. participants.