Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Lucille Ball is My 7th Cousin Twice Removed

 I've been playing around with the FamilySearch Famous Relatives page (why?  Because I like to!) and found out today that, according to the entries in the FamilySearch Family Tree, I'm related to Lucille Ball (1911-1989).  Yes, "Lucy" on the all-time great TV show, "I Love Lucy."

Here are the screens that show the relationship:

The common ancestors are Samuel Bigelow (1653-1732) and Mary Flagg (1658-1720), my 8th great-grandparents.  

My father and his siblings would have been thrilled to know this!  I'm sure that my first cousins and their children, will be happy to know this.  

Have you checked out the Famous Relatives page yet?  If you have well-leafed lines in FamilySearch Family Tree, you may be surprised by who you are related to.


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Linda Stufflebean said...

I'd love to claim Lucy, too! Her comedy is timeless and I loved her shows.

LeslieP said...

I've been working with relative finder to find the mayflower ancestors for me (and my sister) and my brother-in-law so we can share and talk about it tomorrow. it's fun tools like this that i use to illustrate for people who say family search is too full of errors. sure, it is, but only because we haven't fixed them yet. get in there and straighten out your line, when you attach documents and explain your reasoning, it helps others who come after to know why they shouldn't break it. my efforts in family search, cleaning stuff up, are, to me, well worth it. fun stuff like this is just the cherry on top

and as a redhead who laughs loud and often, i've been compared to lucy more than once. i'm so not worthy, but was exceedingly flattered!

Deb Ruth said...

My daughter is so jealous you are related to Lucille Ball! She would stay up in the summer time and watch Nick at Night. "I Love Lucy" was her favorite. Sadly, I have no famous relatives. My lines are all relatively recent immigrants, and so nothing pops. Did hubby's and tons of possibles. One that I can document is Amelia Earhart. She is his fifth cousin once removed. We didn't know this! Thanks for posting, this was fun.

Matthew Miller said...

I recently rechecked my connections on RelativeFinder. Previously, I was related to one President, Harry Truman, along with a handful of lesser-known people. When I checked it the other day, someone had connected by Brandstetter surname line to the Brandenburg surname of the Brandenburgs of Germany and through them, European royalty. I'm not confident in the connection but at least now I can say I'm connected to royalty, as we've known my wife has been connected to British royalty for years.

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

Thanks for your post. I checked it out and am 7th cousins, 1st removed with Lucy through Henry Willis. She descends from one wife, and I another. Of course, I haven't researched my line back to Henry Willis, so no idea if it is correct! I Love Lucy is one of my all-time favorite shows.

Diane Gould Hall said...

That’s very cool Randy. I need to have a talk with you one day about the FS tree. I put a few people up several years ago and next thing I knew people were changing or adding to my entries. Scared me off and I never went back. There are some cool things that I know can be done, like the famous people. Finding cousins at conferences (should we ever be able to attend in person again) and I’m sure other pluses.
Anyway, Lucy was and is one of my favorites.

Unknown said...

HI, Very interesting indeed!
Given the fact that I am missing as significant portion (maternal ancestry of my mother and father), of ancestry details, I have found that I am also connected to Lucille Ball through her mother's ancestry.
She's my 8th cousin, twice removed and Samuel Bigelow (1653-1732) and Mary Flagg (1658-1720) I am connected to their Samuel & Mary's daughter Hannah via her husband, Daniel Warren III, with available data, recognizes him as my 4th COUSIN NINE (9) TIMES REMOVED, through my mother's paternal line.

I can't wait to fill in the HUGE GAPS in my mother and father's maternal lines to see how the 'relationships' with everyone I've explored so far changes!

ALSO, greatly with the website would show many more than 15 generations PLUS multiple family connections! I have found multiple cross-over connections between my maternal & paternal lines in nearly every branch. It's a giant jigsaw puzzle but will be fun to sort out! :)

Unknown said...

I had just found out that i too am related to Lucille Ball she is my 10th cousin twice removed.