Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Received My Second FOREVER Box Back With 29 Digitized Home Movies

 I sent my second FOREVER box (a 2019 Christmas gift to me!) off to Green Bay, Wisconsin via FedEx at the end of November, with 29 family home movies to be digitized.

The box was returned by FedEx on 12 January.  Here are some photos of the grand opening:

The box from Fedex (I started opening it then took the photo - it didn't come with an open corner).

All of the home movies are in their boxes or cases, and are sequentially number 1-29.  I included a list of what I wanted the files to be named.

See the small blue box partially under the #13 box at the top of the photo?  That is the box with 29 digital files.

I thought the side of the box had a cute saying - "Your memories are here - USB inside."

The USB drive was in the box wrapped with bubble wrap.  Here it is chock full of 2.1 gigabytes of data:

After liberating the USB drive, I put it in a USB slot on my computer and copied all of the files to my Forever file folder on my computer.  I also copied them to my Google Drive folder, my external hard drive, and at midnight iDrive sucked them up into my cloud storage site.  

The home movies digitized in this batch are from my grandfather's movie camera in the 1940s and 1950s (mainly of me and my brothers), and from my movie camera in the late 1970s (mainly of my daughters).

Over this last week, I have been watching two or three every day, and enjoying seeing my early life, and the early life of my daughters.  Lots of good memories!  

I started a YouTube channel four years ago, and added two home movies two years ago when I digitized the first batch of home movies.  I have added several from this batch to the Channel this week.  

Here is one of my favorites:

This home movie is from Christmas 1953 and shows my brother Stan and I down at the boat dock on San Diego Bay and then with our Davy Crockett Christmas gifts (I'm the lefthanded boy!).  It starts with some views of warships going in and out of San Diego Bay-  my grandfather took these all of the time - they lived about a quarter mile from the Bay and up on the hill.

FOREVER makes this so easy!  You pay for a box (you pick the size - I picked the medium size), it comes via FedEx to your home with a mailing label, directions, numbered stickers and plastic envelopes inside, you select the movies you want to digitize and put the stickers on them and make a list of desired file names according to the numbered stickers, seal up the box, put the label on it, take it to FedEx to send off the Forever in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

When they get your box, they unpack it, evaluate how much extra you have to pay, and send an email with a link to pay whatever it is.  You pay by credit card, and they work on it, eventually putting all of the digital files on the USB drive.  In about a month they send an email saying that it's on its way, and FedEx delivers it to your door.  Then you open it and all of the memories are in there!

I now have 52 home movies digitized and there are about 40 more in my closet.  I'm not sure I will digitize those because I think they are mostly house and garden and county fair movies of flowers and trees.  I need to search the house once again to find the VHS videotapes we have of Seaver family events in Massachusetts plus our own videotaped events in the 1980s and 1990s.  They are still hiding from me.


Disclosure:  I am a happy customer of FOREVER two times over now.  I have received no money or services from the company other than what I paid to receive.

Copyright (c) 2021, Randall J. Seaver

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