Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tuesday's Genealogy Education Tip: Check Out the FREE FamilySearch/RootsTech Video Archive (2015-2020)

 Do you want to watch genealogy video presentations from past years given at RootsTech by top-of-the-line speakers - for FREE?  

1)  The RootsTech.org home page has a link to their "Video Archive" at the top of the home page:

2)  Click the "Video Archive" button on the screen above, and then on the "Free Video Archive" link in the dropdown menu that appears, and you go to the archive page with six years (from 2015 to 2020) of FREE educational videos by top-notch speakers and researchers.  Here is the top of the page:
3)  The screen above shows the offerings for 2020 in three categories:

* Keynotes and General Sessions

*  RootsTech Sessions

*  Sessions for Latter-day Saints

The other years have similar categories further down the page.

4)  I clicked on the "RootsTech Sessions" image and saw the classes from RootsTech 2020 that were videoed and digitized:

5)  There are 19 classes in this video Archive for 2020.  I clicked on the first one and saw:

This class was 54 minutes long and covered "Research Plans, Source Citations, and Research Logs, Oh My!" by Diana Elder of Family Locket.  

You can watch the entire presentation with Diana's slides and learn more about her topic.

Then go back one screen and watch another presentation!  

6)  I've watched almost every one of these presentations because I didn't go to many classes at RootsTech 2020.  I've also watched the Keynote and General Session videos from 2020.

I didn't attend RootsTech 2019, so I've watched almost every presentation in this video Archive for that year also.  

There were over 200 classes at RootsTech 2020 and not all of them were videoed.  

7)  This website is like a Master Class in genealogy and family history - all in one place.  And you can't beat the price -- FREE!!!  Thank you, FamilySearch and RootsTech!!

8)  I encourage my readers to visit this website and take the time to learn new things.  

9)  In 2021, the RootsTech Connect conference on February 25-27 will be FREE for everybody and all of the classes will be videoed.  Plan to spend a lot of time on those days to watch your class choices.

There will be handouts for most of the classes, and the process to read them and download them to your smart phone, tablet or computer will be provided later.


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