Thursday, February 25, 2021

Add Your Photo To the RootsTech Connect 2021 Mosaic

 I saw that there was a RootsTech Connect 2021 photo mosaic being built with pictures of Rootstech attendees.

To do this, find or take a good photo of yourself and go to the RootsTech Virtual Events photo booth at (English).  Select a language, click through to pick a frame and upload a photo:

I did and uploaded my photo:

I clicked "Love It" and the system asked for my name and email and sent my picture to me.  It also suggested that I watch the mosaic of RootsTech Connect attendees who contribute to the mosaic.  Here is the current mosaic (as of 10 a.m. on Thursday):

Every one of those dots is a photo of a RootsTech attendee.  I spent a minute or two trying to find myself but it is hopeless. 

Are you there?  Try this out!


Disclosure:  I am a RootsTech Connect 2021 Ambassador and have committed to providing regular publicity about the conference.  I have received free registration, snacks, meals and other benefits from FamilySearch over the 11 years of RootsTech.

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