Thursday, February 25, 2021

Check Out Coming Technology -- Innovators at RootsTech Connect 2021

 The Virtual Expo Hall at RootsTech Connect 2021 is so quiet ... until you play a video.

I spent some time this morning watching video of several of the Innovators series (found in the dropdown Menu at the top right of the RootsTech home page). 

You can watch the video on YouTube at

The video gives you a glimpse of each of the companies on the Innovators list, including (links are to the RootsTech session videos - many have a YouTube video also):

*  Adobe:  How to Restore and Preserve Photos and Family Stories

*  Brigham Young University:  Reverse Indexing

*  Augean:  3D Charts

*  Goldie May:  Your Genealogy Research Assistant

*  Treasured:  3D Exhibits

*  MyHeritage: Color Restoration

*  TOTA: Traditions of the Ancestors

*  Family Connections Experiment:  Connections Idea Generator

*  Kawai:  How does Your Name sound

*  RJM Design:  Meet My Ancestors

*  FamilySearch:  Computer Assisted Indexing

*  AncestoriesXR:  Immersive media story telling platform

*  Progeny: The DNA Matrix

*  Clanview:  Instant 3D Family Tree Sharing

Please take some time to explore some of these projects and products that are new or under development.  We may be using them in the coming years to share our genealogy and family history.


Disclosure:  I am a RootsTech Connect 2021 Ambassador and have committed to providing regular publicity about the conference.  I have received free registration, snacks, meals and other benefits from FamilySearch over the 11 years of RootsTech.

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