Tuesday, February 2, 2021

FamilySearch Family History Library Launches New Webpage

 I received this information from Familysearch over the weekend:


FamilySearch Family History Library Launches New Webpage

FamilySearch International is pleased to announce the launch of a new webpage for its brick-and-mortar flagship, the Family History Library, located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The new Family History Library webpage is a part of FamilySearch.org and will provide new online patron experiences and up-to-date information on the library’s services and activities.

The new webpage enables guests to better access existing site services, such as visitor information, collections and hours of operations, and introduces many new and expanded services. For example, patrons worldwide can now schedule 20-minute appointments for free personal research consultations with a specialist. And book look-up services will be coming soon.

David Rencher, the chief genealogy officer for FamilySearch and director of the Family History Library, says this resource is just the beginning of plans for the library’s updated web presence. “Moving forward, we will build out the webpage to help our patrons’ and guests’ expanding needs with a global reach.”

The webpage is available in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese. Japanese and Italian languages will be added soon.

“The Family History Library offers the largest collection of genealogical materials in one place, making it a premier destination for family history resources and genealogical expertise,” added Rencher. “Its mission is constantly expanding to meet the evolving needs of guests throughout the world—and at no charge.”

Although the library itself is currently closed due to a global pandemic, it is now able to create more of its signature personalized discovery experiences online for patrons worldwide.

Free Online Consultations

Patrons can now schedule personal research consultations with the library’s genealogy experts in multiple languages, accommodating varying time zones worldwide. Personal consultations are conducted live online and are currently offered in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and English. More languages will be added.

Learning Center

In the new online learning center, hundreds of the library’s previously recorded how-to webinars are now available on-demand, along with other help tips and instructions based on your research needs.


The library currently has more than 340,000 genealogically unique books, 1.3 million microfilms, 190,000 microfiche, and a collection of 18,460 maps from around the world. While the goal is to make all library materials available to people throughout the world, some items and digital materials are contractually restricted and available only at the Family History Library.

During the pandemic, remodeling has continued at the library to improve visitor access to materials and services. The webpage includes descriptions of materials and collection information and images of the Library's new layout will be added as soon as the remodeling is completed.

Record preservation is an essential part of the library’s mission. Guests have free access to equipment to scan books and records and convert audio and digital media to digital formats. The Discovery Center provides interactive activities for guests of all ages to learn about their heritage, a place to record stories, and more. Throughout the year, the library also provides in-person activities and heritage displays. When the Family History Library reopens, groups may register online for these activities and check for up-to-date calendars and schedules.

Family History Centers and Affiliate Libraries

FamilySearch owns and operates over 5,000 satellite branches of the Family History Library in 141 countries, called family history centers. In addition, it has over 1,100 affiliate libraries. FamilySearch digital content with limited access can often be viewed in these facilities, in addition to other specialized content helpful in each facility’s locale. Detailed information regarding this broader network and associated services will be added throughout 2021.

Find the new Family History Library webpage at FamilySearch.org/Family-History-Library.


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