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What Is the Maiden Name of Ann (--?--) Seaver (1807-????)? - Part 6

Several more records this time - but only one sheds some light on Ann (--?--) Seaver!

In What Is the Maiden Name of Ann (--?--) Seaver (1807-????)? - Part 1, we walked through the available records for Ann's husband, Nathaniel Seaver (1803-1859), except for one set of records.  Ann was a part of the 1850 and 1855 census records, but was not mentioned in Nathaniel's birth, city directory or death records. 

 In What Is the Maiden Name of Ann (--?--) Seaver (1807-????)? - Part 2, we looked at Nathaniel Seaver's probate records in Rensselaer County, New York.  He left everything - all personal and real property - to his wife Ann.  He did not name any children as heirs.

In What Is the Maiden Name of Ann (--?--) Seaver (1807-????)? - Part 3, we looked at the 1860 U.S. Census record for Ann (--?--) Seaver.  After I published that, I looked for probate records for Ann Seaver in Rensselaer County, New York, but did not find any.  What happened to the real property she received from Nathaniel's estate?  Perhaps she deeded it to someone.  So I looked for land records in Rensselaer County for Nathaniel Seaver and found several between 1854 and 1863, and I need to review them.  I looked for land records for Ann Seaver and did not find any listings up through 1897.  Ann may have married again and there may be records in her new married name.  Ann may have died soon after 1860, or moved to another location.

In What Is the Maiden Name of Ann (--?--) Seaver (1807-????)? - Part 4, I posted and transcribed the first letter that my correspondent Patti found in her family's collection.  The letter from Nathaniel Seaver, Ann's husband, was to "brother" Levy Coy of Colrain, Massachusetts, and referred to Ann returning from her stay in Colrain, and mentioned a number of other family members - Jane, Robert Lucy, Lorra, Emily, John and "mother."

In What Is the Maiden Name of Ann (--?--) Seaver (1807-????)? - Part 5, I posted and transcribed the second letter that Patti found.  The letter was from Nathaniel Seaver to Levy Coy dated 9 December 1850.  Ir mentioned John, "mother," Jane, Lucy Jane, Laury and Robert again, and added Arad.

In Part 3, I mentioned finding land records for Nathaniel Seaver in Rensselaer County, New York.  There were five of them in the indexes, and four of them were from the 1850 to 1857 time period and did not mention Ann at all.  The fifth one was recorded in 1863, but the transaction was from 1847.

I also searched for land records in Franklin County, Massachusetts, which is where Nathaniel Seaver was born and raised.  There were two deeds in those records, one from 1855 and one from 1862 (recorded in 1863).  The 1855 deed (Volume 194, page 35) was a mortgage deed where Nathaniel bought a one-acre tract in Gill, Massachusetts from his brother, Elijah Seaver, for $500, conditioned on Elijah and his heirs paying Nathaniel $410 within one day, and Elijah reserving a life estate on the property for their mother Olive (Swan) Seaver (1772-1857).  Their father apparently had died before 1855, although there are no 

The 1862 deed (Volume 235, ages 300-301) is shown below:

There are two parts to this deed - in the first part Ann Seaver, the heir, devisee and executrix of the estate of Nathaniel Seaver, late of Troy, New York, requests the deed registrar to approve the appointment of Charles Handy of Colrain to be her true and lawful attorney to handle a transaction for her concerning the property in the 1955 deed on 22 September 1862.  The petition was signed by Ann Seaver.  deed registrar approved, and Mr. Handy sold the property owned by Nathaniel's estate to Roswell Purple of Gill on 24 October 1862 for $60.  The record was signed by Ann Seaver and Charles Handy.  Mr. Purple was a neighbor to the deeded property.  The two records were recorded on 4 November 1863 in the Franklin County Deed book.

This record indicates Ann Seaver was alive on 24 October 1862 when she signed the deed.  This may be the last record we have for Ann (--?--) Seaver.  Perhaps more will turn up!

We will turn to the potential families that make up Ann (--?--) Seaver's FAN (Family/Friends, Associates, Neighbors) Club in the next post.


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