Wednesday, May 19, 2021

New Feature: Filtering DNA Matches by Genetic Groups on MyHeritage

 I received this from Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage today:


I’m happy to share that we’ve added a new filtering option on the DNA Matches page, which enables users to filter their DNA Matches to show only those who are members of a certain Genetic Group.

By filtering your matches based on a Genetic Group, you’ll be able to further pinpoint which matches come from a specific location or region, giving you deeper insight into how you’re related. You can filter the matches based on the Genetic Groups in your results, or use the search field to search for any of the 2,114 Genetic Groups supported on MyHeritage.

Feel free to try this new feature on your own DNA results, and please share this news with your audience.


Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert


On MyHeritage, I have 8 Genetic Groups, all but England centered on the eastern part of the United States:
 I filtered my 9,663 DNA matches by "Northeastern and Midwestern USA #6" and saw 3,876 matches.   "Northeastern and Midwestern USA #9" had 2,990 matches.  "Northeastern and Midwestern USA and Canada (Ontario)" had 3,102 matches.  

I'm not sure this is going to help much because of the significant overlap.  To me, that's not too helpful! 

What about the "England" Genetic Group?  It had 2,364 matches.  Again, too many to be helpful.  Some of my other groups are also in the England group. 

I'm sure that this will be helpful for many MyHeritage DNA testers with much smaller genetic groups, but that is not me.  All of my Genetic Groups have 20% to 40% of my total matches, most of whom have a tiny or no MyHeritage family tree.

Frankly, the biggest problem that I have on all of the DNA matching sites is the lack of leafy family trees.  That's why I updated my MyHeritage family tree last month with more descendants of my 4th great-grandparents - in hopes that some of my matches have MyHeritage trees with deceased grandparents and great-grandparents that match descendants of my ancestors in my tree.  I have to wait until the next round of Theory of Family Relativity comes out - it's due soon, I think!


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary subscription to MyHeritage, and have received other material consideration in past years. I uploaded my autosomal DNA raw data to their DNA product. This does not affect my objective analysis of MyHeritage products.

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