Sunday, May 16, 2021

Tours Accolade Offers Quebec City Walking Tours

 I received this email from Xavier at Tours Accolade this week and asked if I could put it in my blog because some of my readers might be interested:


Bonjour Mr Seaver,

I'm a tour guide in Québec City and Lévis and I just wanted to share with you a service I provide and an article I recently wrote. Maybe this might interest you or your readers.

The service: it's a private walking tour of Québec City (and/or Lévis) based on the family tree of the customer. The result is a truly unique and personal experience. Here's the link if you would like to check it:
I also attached the poster of the tour.

For the little story, I officially launched this tour last year, but I provide such tours since over 10 years. It's just it always has been branded and sold as "private tours," which are all tailored. Most of the time tailored live and sometimes with a lot of preparation before it starts. I started in Alsace, where I come from, and continued to guide in Québec City and Lévis when I moved there.

The article I would like to share with you aims to help people to plan an ancestry trip in Québec City large area. Here's the link:

If you are interested, contact Xavier at


I so wish that I had Quebec ancestry so I could take advantage of services like this!  There is a lot of ueful family history information on the links to articles above.

Thank you to Xavier for reaching out to me to share this opportunity.

Disclosure:  I have received no monetary benefit as the result of posting this opportunity.  

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