Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Changes to Genea-Musings

 There will be some changes to the home delivery of Genea-Musings:

1) Feedburner, the email service that sends daily emails with Genea-Musings content to about 4,000 subscribers of Genea-Musings to registrants, is going away in July.  I have captured a list of subscribers and will eventually employ another email system in the near future.  Life is too busy for me right now to work on it.

2)  The RSS feeds for Genea-Musings are not changing.  This is the best way to read genealogy blogs because they are indexed every day and your email Inbox does not get cluttered.  I use Feedly on a daily basis to read hundreds of blog posts every day.  

3)  You can put www.geneamusings.com in your computer browser Favorites or Bookmarks and visit the website any time you want.  

4)  I have enabled Comment Moderation because I'm tired of deleting 30-50 spam comments every day.  It is not a good use of my time.  If you make a Comment to a blog post (I get about 10 valid comments every week) then I will get an email and be able to Accept or Reject each one with one click.  If this doesn't work well, then I will disable Comments entirely.  Life is shorter now - I prefer doing genealogy first.

Thank you for reading my Genea-Musings.  


Lisa S. Gorrell said...

This is a good solution. I shall be doing the same, except finding an alternative. My subscriber list is less than 20.

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

This is a good solution. I shall be doing the same, except finding an alternative. My subscriber list is less than 20.

RonNasty said...

Feedly is a great tool, and I think it is under-used in genealogy. I rarely see a number of saved posts in my genealogy feeds. Either that or I'm following the wrong feeds. (But I do follow this one!)

Kevin Augustus Long said...

Thanks for all you do Randy. I use Feedly and am very happy with it and highly recommend it to your email subscribers. Enjoy!

Jacqi Stevens said...

Randy, I've been closely watching your comments on progress here with the FeedBurner shift in service, as well as that of fellow genea-bloggers. You understandably have an extensive subscriber base. I thought I was doing well with over twelve hundred subscribers...until I downloaded the file into a spreadsheet and took a close look. I'd say most of them are generated by bots or are other entities, mostly using the Outlook email service.

Reason I mention that is I noticed John Reid of Anglo-Celtic Connections tried an alternate subscriber service with his new site...until he discovered the prohibitive cost if the subscriber base popped over a set number. (Since he migrated his blog from a Google product to WordPress, he is now using MailPoet.) Looks like no matter what replacement solution we bloggers find, there will always be an admin drag on the system.

Like you, I prefer to spend most of my time on genealogy...BUT...I value the ability to have my favorite bloggers delivered to my inbox. I guess the only constant is change.