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Finding the Common Ancestors on the "Relatives at RootsTech" App

 Facebook has been full of folks posting their relationships to RootsTech 2022 registrants, and I'm one of them.  It's easy to find your relationship, but difficult to find the common ancestors according to the FamilySearch Family Tree which is used to determine the relationship.  

1)  To see how many cousin relationships you have with those who have registered for RootsTech 2022, go to  Here is my screen:

I have 9,872 relations so far, but the registration is not complete.  I had over 27,000 relationships last year.  So register for RootsTech 2022 - you will enjoy it.

2)  If you click on the link to "View Relatives" you will have to sign into FamilySearch, and then find people on your Contact List (which starts with zero relationships).  You will need to know your relatives username on FamilySearch.

3)  It's a lot easier to use one of the links on Facebook.  I used the link for my Facebook friend, DearMYRTLE.  Here is Pat's invitation on Facebook for me to find my relationship to her:

I clicked on the image for "Could we be related?" and also noted that her username is "Pat" - a key detail).  That opened:
I had to "Sign In" before I could go further.  After that, I saw:
4)  Aha, I am Pat's 9th cousin 1x removed according to the FamilySearch Family Tree (which is imperfect but useful).  I clicked on the "View Relatives" button and was take to:
This is the "RootsTech Relatives" page for me.  There are menu items for "By Location," "By Ancestor," "Search" and "Contacts."

I want to search for Pat's username (which is "Pat").  I clicked on the "Search" link and put "Pat" in the search field, hit "Enter" and saw:

There are buttons below the search field for "Message," "Relationship," and "Contact."  If you click on the "Contact" link you will add the person you want to your "Contacts" list.  

5)  I wanted the "Relationship" so I clicked on that link and saw:

Hmmm.  I'm at the bottom of the left column, and Pat is at the bottom of the right column, and our closest (?) common ancestors according to the FamilySearch Family Tree is at the top.  The app lists the two descendant lines from the common ancestor, and calculated the relationship, and puts it at the very top of the page on the left-hand side under the contact's name.  Zooming in for the top of the chart above:

So our closest (?) common ancestors are Thomas Pierce (1605-1683) and Elizabeth Cole (1619-1688) of Massachusetts.  Cool.

It sounds like a long hassle, but it really isn't once you figure out the process.  

6)  If you go to your RootsTech Relatives page, you will see your list of relatives already in the system, along with the relationship.  For instance, I can see that:

*  David Rencher is my 5th cousin 2x removed, with common ancestors of Elizabeth Bloodgood.

*  Joan Young is my 6th cousin, with common ancestors of Philip Jacob Konig and Maria Barbara Wilhelm.

*  Sara Gredler is my 6th cousin 2x removed, with common ancestors of Philip Jacob Konig and Maria Barbara Wilhelm.

Those are the first three names I recognize from my list.

At this time, my closest relationship is a 5th cousin, with common ancestors of Joseph Champlin and Nancy Kenyon.  

7)  Of course, FamilySearch Family Tree profiles have errors, or some historic persons have not been added to the tree.  Living people in the tree cannot be shown, and parents of any RootsTech Relative are not shown.  So beware of errors, and understand that this is for fun only.


Disclosure:  I am a RootsTech Connect 2022 Ambassador and have committed to providing regular publicity about the conference.  I have received free registration, snacks, meals and other benefits from FamilySearch over the 11 years of RootsTech.

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