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Census Sunday -- 1950 U.S. Census Record for the Ralph C. Ordway Family in Worcester, Massachusetts

 The 1950 United States Census record for the household of Ralph C. Ordway in Worcester, Worcester County Massachusetts, residing at 7 Dennison Rd (taken 3 May 1950), is on Sheet 77 of ED 30-339:

The Ralph C. Ordway household starts on line 23 of the image (Sheet 77):

The information entered for each person in this household is:

*  Line 23 of Sheet 77 - 7 [Dennison Rd], dwelling #199, is not a farm, is not on 3 acres or more.

*  Line 24 of Sheet 77 - Ralph C. Ordway, head of household, white, male, age 46, married, born in Massachusetts, a worker, worked 40 hours last week, an executive, works in a bank, a private business.

*  Line 24 of Sheet 77 (sample questions included) - Helen R. Ordway, wife, white. female, age 42, married, born in Massachusetts, a home worker, worked no hours last week,  Lived in same house one year ago, was not on a farm, lived in Worcester County, father born in U.S., mother born in U.S., completed 12 years of school, does not attend school,  no income from wages, interest and rents,  relatives did not earn money.

*  Line 25 of Sheet 77 - Phillip C. Ordway, son, white, male, age 12, never married.

Note that I had to look for household 199 on the initial census enumeration on Sheet 18 to find the street name.

The source citation for this family is:

1950 U.S. Federal Census, Worcester County, Massachusetts, Worcester, ED 30-339, Sheet 77, Household #199, Lines 23 to 25, Ralph C. Ordway household; indexed database with record images, ( : accessed 2 October 2022).

Ralph Carlton Ordway (1903-1979) was born 2 June 1903 in Hudson, Massachusetts, the son of Lewis Everett and Grace Newton (Brigham) Ordway.  He died 29 March 1979 in Nashua, New Hampshire.  He married Helen Corey Richmond (1907-2001) in about 1929 in Massachusetts.  Helen was born 6 May 1907 in Leominster, Massachusetts, the daughter of Edwin Thomas and Alice Bertha (Corey)Richmond.  She died 10 March 2001 in Nashua, New Hampshire.  They had two children - Marilyn Richmond Ordway (1935-1937) and Phillip Curtis Ordway (1938-1998). 

Helen Corey (Richmond) Ordway is my first cousin once removed.  Our common ancestors are first great-grandparents Thomas and Julia E. (White) Richmond.


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