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Amanuensis Monday -- 1845 Affidavit of Edward Taylor of Sterling, Massachusetts Noting Death of Abigail (Sawyer) Seaver

 This week's document for transcription is from the 1845 Worcester County, Massachusetts probate file for the 1845 affidavit noting the death and children of Abigail (Sawyer) Seaver, the widow of Joseph Seaver of Sterling, Worcester, Massachusetts:

Worcester County, Massachusetts Probate Court Records - Case File 52856, image 3 of 3:

The transcription of this affidavit is:

I Edwatd Taylor of Sterling in the
County of Worcester and Commonwealth
of Massachusetts, being sixty years of age
do testify and say that Abagail Seaver late
of Sterling in said County, widow of
Joseph Seaver late of said Sterling died
at her residence in said town on the 17'th
day of Nov'r A.D. 1844, and at the time of
her decease, she left six children  viz.
James Seaver Eunice Raymond Joseph Seaver
Abagail Taylor, Betsey Parker & Sally
Seaver, being all and the only Children of
said Abagail at the day of her death, and
all believed to be living at this time,
and are all of full age, and that it was
reported that said Joseph Seaver was a
soldier in the revolutionary War.
                                        Edward Taylor
Worcester ss Nov. 28'th 1845
personally appeared the above named Edward
Taylor and made oath to the truth of the
above affidavit by him subscribed and I
certify that he is personally known to me
to be a man of truth & verasity.
Before me.              Sam'l Houghton Justice of the Peace.
The source citation for this probate file is:

Worcester County, Massachusetts, Probate case files, Case file 52856 (3 images), Abagail Seaver of Sterling, 1845, affadavit; "Worcester County (Massachusetts) Probate File Papers, 1731-1881," digital images, New England Historical and Genealogical Society, American Ancestors  ( accessed 25 September 2022).

Joseph Seaver(1746-1816) married Abigail Sawyer (1751-1844) on 7 July 1772 in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  Abigail (Sawyer) Seaver died 17 November 1844 in Sterling, Massachusetts.  They had six children born between 1774 and 1792:

*  James Seaver (1774-????), married 1802 Olive Moore (1779-1867).
*  Eunice Seaver (1776-1832), married 1796 William Raymond (1776-1856).
*  Joseph Seaver (1778-1848), married 1810 Persis Howe (1790-1872).
*  Abigail Seaver (1780-1869), married 1810 Edward Taylor (1784-1859).
*  Elizabeth Seaver (1783-1859), married 1806 Lewis Parker (1787-1834).
*  Sally Seaver (1792-1877).

Edward Taylor, who wrote the affidavit in 1845, was a son-in-law of Joseph and Abigail (Sawyer) Seaver and the husband of Abigail Seaver.  He probably wrote the affidavit to support a Revolutionary War pension file for his mother-in-law or for the living children and had it published to this probate file for approval by a Judge of Probate.

Eunice (Seaver) Raymond and her husband went to Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada before 1832, and the family may have not known that she was deceased.

Joseph Seaver (1742-1816) is my 1st cousin seven times removed.  Our common Seaver ancestor is my 7th great-grandfather Joseph Seaver (1672-1754).


NOTE: Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday." John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Read other transcriptions for records of my ancestors at Amanuensis Monday Posts.

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