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Census Sunday -- 1950 U.S. Census Record for the William B. Richmond Family in Santa Barbara, California

The 1950 United States Census record for the household of William B. Richmond in Township 2, Santa Barbara, California, residing at 415 West Figueroa (taken 11 April 1950), is on Sheet 22 of ED 42-43:

The William B. Richmond household starts on line 13 of the image (Sheet 22):

The information entered for each person in this household is:

*  Line 13 of Sheet 22 - 415 West Figueroa, dwelling #232, is not a farm, is not on 3 acres or more.

*  Line 13 of Sheet 22 - William B. Richmond, head of household, white, male, age 40, married, born in California, a worker, worked 40 hours last week, an auto mechanic, works for telephone company, a private business.

*  Line 14 of Sheet 22 - Jane M. Richmond, wife, white. female, age 34, married, born in Pennsylvania, a home worker, worked no hours last week,  

The source citation for this family is:

1950 U.S. Federal Census, Santa Barbara County, California, Township 2, ED 42-43, Sheet 22, Household #232, Lines 13 to 14, William B. Richmond household; indexed database with record images, ( : accessed 9 October 2022).

William Brown Richmond (1909-2003) was born 13 September 1909 in Santa Barbara, California, the son of Charles Percival and Jessie Louise (Brown) Richmond.  He died 27 January 2003 in Santa Barbara.  He married Jane Elizabeth McPherson (1915-1999) in about 1947 in Santa Barbara, the daughter of Harmon Ray and Elizabeth May (Whited) McPherson.  She died 28 January 1999 in Santa Barbara.  They had no children.

William Brown Richmond is my first cousin once removed.  Our common ancestors are first great-grandparents Thomas and Julia E. (White) Richmond.


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