Sunday, February 12, 2023

New RootsMagic Release - Version Includes Publisher!

 I recently saw this on Facebook posted by Bruce Buzbee in the RootsMagic User Group and wanted to post it here:

New RootsMagic Update (8.5.0)
  • New: Added Publisher to create books
  • Fixed: Added confirmation when clearing Source template favorites
  • Fixed: FamilySearch events with foreign dates handled properly
  • Fixed: Select existing person can now search by alternate name
  • Fixed: Source templates list now has a search box
  • New: Updated LDS temple list
  • Fixed: Graphical reports opened in Word have blank page between each page
  • Fixed: Fixed a loop when adding a person with no name
  • Fixed: Templates that use Name:Reverse had spurious comma when the person didn't have a given name
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues
The BIG deal with this update is that they added Publisher to create books.  RootsMagic Version 7 had Publisher but it needed to be updated for RootsMagic Version 8.

I tried it out with a "book" listing my Ahnentafel for 15 generations.  Here is page 1 of the book:
This particular "book" is 219 pages, including a title page, Table of Contents, the Ahnentafel, A name index and a place index. The file size is 1,396 kb saved as a PDF file.


Disclosure:  I have used RootsMagic since Version 3 in about 2008.  I have purchased each version from RootsMagic, usually at a conference, to manage my genealogy and family history research.

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