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RootsTech 2023 Conference News - Update 2

 The RootsTech 2023 Conference is two weeks away - March 2-4, 2023.  It is In-person ($98 until 17 February, $108 after 17 February, in Salt Lake City, Utah) and Virtual (Free, online, but not all in-person classes).  You need to register (it's free, use your FamilySearch username and password or obtain one) at

For Virtual registrants, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about traditional genealogy and genetic genealogy through online classes. After registering and signing in to your FamilySearch account, you can review both the in-person sessions and the virtual sessions.  

1)  Here is the top of the RootsTech 2023 website screen:

Note that there are links at the top right for:

*  Home (this screen)

*  RootsTech 2023 (this conference, with a dropdown menu for In-person website, virtual calendar, speakers, Expo Hall, ARC Symposium, Innovation Forum, Latter Day Saints)

*  On-Demand (online viewing options - use this for access to Virtual sessions)

 *  A right-facing triangle icon (your Playlist of sessions)

*  a question mark icon (a help button)

*  Your name or photo (your FamilySearch profile)

*  Menu (a dropdown menu with links to other features)

2)  Further down this screen are links to register for the In-Person (in Salt Lake City, Utah) or Virtual conference.

Further down the page is:

There are buttons here to see the webpage for "Browse In-Person Classes" and "Browse NEW Virtual Classes."

3)  Currently, there are 326 In-person sessions and 188 new Virtual sessions for RootsTech 2023.  

A registrant can search for a specific topic, speaker, language, or year in the "Suggested Filters" box on the left-side of the screen above.  This page is specifically for 2023 in English.

A registrant can click the plus sign (+) on the far right of the session name to put the session on your "Playlist."  When you click on the plus sign, it turns into a reddish background with an X in it.  

4)  Clicking on a session title leads you to the page for that session.  Here is the session page for the second class on the list:

When the sessions are available to watch (probably starting Thursday, 2 March at 8 a.m. MST) there will probably be a "Watch" button on the session page.

If a syllabus for the class is available (some are not available), they will be in the "Downloadable Resources" list shown above.  

5)  On the "Search the On-Demand Library" screen above, the registrant can enter a topic or speaker in the "Search" field to see what is available.  I put "dna" in the search field, and it was added to the "Active filters" list.  I see that there are 17 sessions available with DNA content.  

6) If you are an in-person registrant, I encourage you to go through the In-person session list and make your plans to attend the sessions you selected using the Playlist.  Selecting a session title, adding to your playlist, finding a syllabus, etc. follow the same pattern as above.  Note that, at this time the location of the in-person session are not listed on the sessions list.  Do this before you go to Salt Lake City!!  You can watch all of the virtual sessions at the conference or at home after the conference.  At the conference, be sure to visit the Expo Hall to talk to vendors, buy products, etc.

7)  If you are a Virtual registrant, add sessions to your playlist.  Then find and/or download a syllabus article to your computer, and start watching them when they are available (probably on Thursday, March 2).  There will be a virtual Expo Hall experience which is undefined at this time on the RootsTech website.

8)  Relatives at RootsTech 2023 will be available until 31 March 2023.  Read Roberta Estes' excellent  article about how to find it and how to use it at Relatives at RootsTech – How to Use & Connect with DNA.


Disclosure:  I am a RootsTech 2023 "Influencer" but will receive no remuneration for my support or posting of RootsTech information.  I will be an online participant this year because of my health problems.

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