Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Fearless Female Post

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans:
It's Saturday Night again -
time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment, should you decide to accept it (you ARE reading this, so I assume that you really want to play along - cue the Mission Impossible music!):

1) Check out Lisa Alzo's "Fearless Females 2023" blog post prompts and write about one of them.
2)  Put it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook post.  Please leave a link in a comment to this post.

Here's mine:

1)  I chose the March 2 prompt, which reads:
"March 2 — Post a photo of one of your female ancestors. Who is in the photo? When was it taken? Why did you select this photo?

 2)  One of my favorite photographs is from early 1920:

This photo has five of my fearless females in it!    It was taken in front of the Henry Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer home at 2105 Hawthorn Street in San Diego, on the northeastern corner of 30th Street and Hawthorn Street.  It was a two-story Victorian home with gingerbread trimming around the porch.  Austin and Della built it in the late 1890s.  In the late 1920s, they moved the house to the middle of the block and made it two apartment flats - now 2115 30th and 2119 30th (I grew up in that apartment).

This is a four generation family photograph.  From left, the persons in the photograph are:

*  Georgianna (Kemp) Auble (seated, 1868-1952), my great-grandmother and mother of Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer. 

*  Mary Ann "Matie" (Smith) (Chenery) (Cramer) Morrill (standing, 1866-1922), sister to Della Smith.

*  Abbie Ardelle  "Della" (Smith) Carringer (seated holding the cat Buster, 1862-1944), my great-grandmother and mother of Lyle Lawrence Carringer.

*  Harvey Edgar Carringer (standing in the hat, 1852-1946), brother to Henry Austin Carringer.

*  Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer (standing, 1899-1977), my maternal grandmother, wife of Lyle Lawrence Carringer, mother of Betty Virginia (Carringer) Seaver, and daughter of Georgianna (Kemp) Auble.

*  Henry Austin Carringer (seated holding Betty, 1853-1946), my great-grandfather, husband of Della (Smith) Carringer, and father of Lyle Lawrence Carringer.

*  Betty Virginia (Carringer) Seaver (on Austin's lap, 1919-2002), my mother, daughter of Lyle and Emily (Auble) Carringer.

*  Lyle Lawrence Carringer (standing on right, 1891-1976), my maternal grandfather, son of Henry and Della (Smith) Carringer, husband of Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer, and father of Betty Virginia Carringer.

*  Abigail "Abbie" (Vaux) Smith (seated at right, 1844-1931), my 2nd great-grandmother, mother of Della (Smith) Carringer.

Georgianna, Della, Emily, Betty and Abbie are my fearless female ancestors in the photograph. 

 The photograph was colorized using the MyHeritage tools.


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Lisa S. Gorrell said...

March 20 entry - Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall? Why? List possible sources for finding more information.

ByAPearl said...

Here's a link to my post

Tuta said...

Hey Randy -- I think Emily was a wife to Lyle? What a wonderful photo to have (and have identified!).