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Book Notice: "Buried Secrets, Looking For Frank and Ida" by Anne Hanson

 Anne Hanson recently emailed me with this information about her latest book, called Buried Secrets, Looking For Frank and Ida.


Here are Anne's comments about this book:

Ida Hanson hated when her sons left her sight. It was almost as if this fiercely protective mother, who sacrificed everything to nurture her four young boys during the economic ruin of the 1930s Great Depression, feared she might never see them again.


What happened in her earlier life to make this devoted mom, my grandmother, so afraid of losing her boys?


My new book, Buried Secrets: Looking for Frank and Ida, is a true genealogical detective story about my quest to discover the hidden past that my grandparents Frank and Ida took to their graves. When I finally unearthed their real identities, I learned that their tales were lies invented to conceal disturbing facts. Buried Secrets is both a real-life drama and a story about love, sacrifice, and family relationships.

While my book is meant to be read for pleasure, it offers the genealogy enthusiast detailed descriptions of how I used a broad array of primary sources, as well as lots of suspense and memorable characters.

“Buried Secrets is as suspenseful as a detective novel," according to the Akron Beacon Journal. Kirkus Reviews called my book “an intriguing journey through the world of genealogical sleuthing.” Buried Secrets was the Twin Cities Pioneer Press “Literary Pick of the Week” for January 22, 2023.

From Anne's website:

When Anne Hanson’s dad first asked her to investigate the secret past of his parents, little did she know what she was getting into. For two decades, despite all her digging, she failed to unearth even the tiniest speck of evidence that the families of her grandparents, Frank and Ida Hanson, had ever existed. If her quest were a detective novel, its title would have been, “The Case of the Missing Ancestors.”

Finally, Anne unearthed her grandparents’ true identities and the secrets they took to their graves. Journeying into an early twentieth century drama of pain and heartache, she solved a mystery from an era when a young couple, thwarted by social conventions, could simply vanish and create new lives. They radically altered their family destiny, with aftereffects that reverberated for generations.

Yet Buried Secrets: Looking for Frank and Ida is, ultimately, a love story. When she learned the truth of her grandparents’ past, Anne comprehended the true depth of their love. Buried Secrets also illuminates the love between a dad and the daughter who gave him answers he had longed for his entire life.

There is a book chapter available to read through Anne's website -

The book is available in paperback and eBook form from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Disclosure: Anne Hanson contacted me recently and asked me to provide a review of this book. She emailed me a  PDF copy for my my personal use as remuneration for this notice.

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