Thursday, October 5, 2023

My Latest AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate and Communities

 AncestryDNA has updated everyone's Ethnicity estimate and associated Communities.  My last report on this was in April 2022 (see Will the AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate Ever Settle Down?) - but I may have missed a later report.  

1)  Here is my September 2023 Ethnicity Estimate:

The breakdown is:

  • England and Northwestern Europe:  60% (green)
  • Sweden & Denmark:  19% (blue)
  • Norway:  9% (orange)
  • Germanic Europe:  7% (purple)
  • Scotland:  7% (brown)
  • Wales:  2% (teal)

The Ethnicity Estimate has changed a bit since April 2022, when it was:

  • 68% England & Northwestern Europe
  • 13% Scotland
  • 10% Sweden & Denmark
  • 7% Norway
  • 2% Wales.

In the latest estimate, I got my Germanic Europe ethnicity back.

For reference purposes, my perceived genealogical ancestry, based on where my ancestors in each line resided in about 1500 CE (this had to be an educated guess!) are:

  • 68%  British Isles
  • 24%  Germany/Switzerland
  • 1%  Holland/Belgium
  • 1%  France
  • 6%  Unknown (perhaps some are French, Dutch, Scandinavian, Belgian, English, Native American, or other places)

If I lump England & Northwestern Europe, Scotland and Wales together, my latest Estimate says British Isles = 69%.  But Germany/Switzerland is only 7% in the latest Estimate.  Sweden, Denmark and Norway are 28%, but I have only a handful of Scandinavian ancestors in the 1500 time.  Of course, Scandinavians settled in the British Isles in the period after 500 CE until about 1100 CE.  

My Ethnicity Estimate by parent is:

My father had about 100% British Isles ancestry in 1500, and my mother had about 36% British Isles and 64% Germany/Switzerland/Holland/Belgium and France ancestry in about 1500.

Of course, the Ethnicity Estimate is based on where my ancestors resided before 1000 CE.

2)  My Communities in North America are:

  • Early New England Settlers (brown)
  • Early Connecticut & New York Settlers (blue)
  • Northern New England Settlers (green)
  • Southern New England Settlers (pink).
These Communities are, I think, fairly accurate.  However, the Early Connecticut and New York settlers should include my mother's New Jersey (Dutch and Palatine) and Pennsylvania (Germanic) ancestors who all came to America before 1750.

3)  I still live in a state of confusion over my Ethnicity Estimates!


Disclosure:  I received a complimentary test kit from AncestryDNA back in 2011 (I think).  I have had a complimentary Ancestry subscription since about 2015, and have received material considerations (subscriptions, travel, hotel, meals, etc.) over the past 15 years as a Geneablogger.
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