Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Win a Three-Day Free Pass to In-Person RootsTech 2024

 FamilySearch and RootsTech have changed the rules for the Free Pass Sweepstakes for a three-day entry to RootsTech 2024.  You can read all about it, and enter the contest, at

The submission and selection process is as follows:


  • We will be doing one big giveaway that all RT Media members can promote.
  • Your followers can win one free RootsTech pass (value $99) – 20 winners will be chosen.
  • The sweepstakes will run for 1 month.


  • Sweepstakes open from October 2 - October 31
  • The RootsTech team will announce winners to you on November 1 and you can publish the winners to your followers (the RootsTech team will then email all the winners with directions on how to claim their free pass).



  • The RT Media members will promote however they wish to do so on their channels.
  • Once the giveaway ends the RT marketing team will select winners using a technology that randomly selects on Nov 1. All RT Media who participate will receive the names of these winners and post them to their accounts announcing.
  • The winners will then receive an email from the us, RT marketing team, instructing them how to use their pass.
Note that this free pass sweepstakes ends on 1 November 2023, and will be administered by RootsTech rather than individual Media members.  


Disclosure:  I am a RootsTech 2024 Media member but will receive no remuneration for my support or posting of RootsTech information.  I will be an online participant this year because of my health problems.

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