Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Charles A. Seifert (1945-2006), R.I.P.

They say the good ones die young. In this case, the saying is true.

Charles Alvin Seifert was a friend and cousin-in-law of mine who lived in Salem, New Hampshire. He was married to my cousin Diana, and they had three daughters and one son. Their children are wonderful people to know – Chuck and Diana did a fantastic job with their kids. Chuck was a high school English teacher and drama coach in Salem – his students loved him, and he loved them. In short, he was a fun, loving, happy, educated, responsible, and effective human being.

Chuck retired from teaching last summer after many years in the Salem schools, Almost immediately, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and given a limited time to live. He passed away last Thursday, May 4 in a Salem hospital at the age of 60. The services were on Monday. I’ll leave it to an obituary to cite the family details (I haven’t found one online yet). Linda and I were unable to go to the service, but our hearts and minds were there in spirit.

We visited Chuck and his family several times over the years. My memories of these visits are precious – they are full of laughter, good food, fun times swimming and boating, talking and discussing kids, life, politics, religion, genealogy, playing Trivial Pursuit, and so much more. The picture shows Chuck doing one of the things he loved – driving a boat around Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

This good and wonderful man died young, and I am very sad. But I am glad that God let me cross his path, and I was able to converse and commune with him, and to enjoy his wisdom, knowledge and humor. He enriched my life, and the lives of thousands of young people. May he Rest In Peace.

Update: An obituary is here. I'm not sure how long it will be available.


Anonymous said...

Chuck was obviously a helluva guy, as we say, a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for reminding us that there are men like this walking among us, and that we should take a moment to appreciate them. He reminds me of someone I've known for many years but haven't talked with for quite some time, since he moved to another state. I think I'll give Dave a call right now.
Rest in peace, Chuck.

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