Sunday, May 7, 2006

Who is Edith Tintwhistle of Great Cockup?

While browsing through the Humor and Prose portion of Cyndi's List, I ran across this wickedly funny web page, ostensibly the 1901 English census of Great Cockup parish in England. The census description reads:

Comprising Great Cockup and the Hamlet of Lower Cockup commencing at The Duck and Diddle and including the House in the occupation of Mr O’Stoatbreath in Shepherd’s Fold, The Littleless Cockup Bank, The Eastside of Church Street, to include the Police Station, Sedgby Hall, The Railway Station and the Cottages up to the Methodist Chapel on the West of Cow Pat Lane, the House in the occupation of Mrs. Hornblaster known as The Hovel and all the houses on the Eastside of Cow Pat Lane to and including the house of Egbert Threadbare Tailor, and thence taking the Southside of Church Street and finishing at the house of Mr Compost, Greengrocer.

Persons 234 Male 245 Female 479 Total (Give or take a few)

Enumerator Rev. H.Leartittle

Read the whole thing. The names, occupations and birthplaces are hilarious.

There are several pages for the parish, all starring Miss Edith Tintwhistle here. Read them all. Someone had way too much time on their hands.

Needless to say, I love this stuff!


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