Tuesday, May 30, 2006

NGS News Magazine - Spring 2006

One of the very best and interesting genealogy magazines is the National Genealogical Society (NGS) NewsMagazine. The latest issue (April/May/June 2006) features articles on:

* Salvaging History from the Great Chicago fire
* Castle Garden, the Barge Office and Manhattan's piers
* Tracking Railroads and Railroad History
* Turn up the Heat with Fire Insurance Maps
* Intellectual Property Issues for Genealogists
* Add Pizzazz to your PowerPoint Presentations

Each of these articles gave me new and vital information on genealogy topics that are rarely discussed. I especially appreciated the history and detail about Castle Garden and passenger records for the period of about 1855 to 1892 when Ellis Island opened.

If these articles pique your interest, try to find the magazine at your favorite genealogical library, or even better, join NGS and get it as part of your membership.

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