Saturday, June 3, 2006

Internet Genealogy magazine FREE

Internet Genealogy Magazine has announced that they are making their second issue available for FREE on the web here. This is a 64 page beauty chock full of interesting articles and helpful research suggestions (Hat tip to Chris Dunham at The Genealogue for the scoop in the geneablogosphere).

The editor's message includes:

This issue features a lineup of completely new articles, many by the same authors as in the regular magazine, and we’re making this available to everyone! For those who already subscribe, consider this as a “thank-you”. For those of you who have heard about Internet Genealogy, but don’t want to subscribe until you’ve had a look at an issue, this is your chance. We hope that existing subscribers will tell their friends about this Extra Issue so that they can see what Internet Genealogy has to offer.

It looks like a winner to me! You can download the PDF file and print it out (although 64 color pages gets expensive on an inkjet printer...hmmm, could subscribe for a year for about the same cost!). Enjoy...

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