Friday, June 2, 2006

Have you Googled Yourself?

No, I'm not that vain...

I Google myself every so often just to see what links come up and to see if there is data on the Web that I would prefer to not be posted. As if I could do something about it, but it is good to know what others could find out. My given name, surname, location and some email addresses have been on the web for a long time by my choice - I share a lot of information and appreciate information shared with me.

The most intriguing part of Googling my name is how many other "Randy Seaver" people there are. I always "knew" that my name was unique, until the Internet search engines came along. I have corresponded a bit with Randy Seaver in Maine, who was a journalist in Biddeford, and now is a blogger here.

The 104 Google results provide a Randy Seaver in the Pittsburgh area formerly in Clearwater FL, a wild boar bow hunter in Florida, a lot of my genealogy posts on the Web, many of Randy in Maine's articles, some of my Radio Club activites from a previous life, and some diary entries from 1981 by someone with a friend named Randy Seaver. There are 5 hits for "Randall Seaver", including me and a lawyer in Minnesota. Using a middle initial wild card "Randall * Seaver" shows another 16 hits, and "Randy * Seaver shows another 26, but many are of the "Randy Johnson, Tom Seaver" type.

If you go to, you find Randy in Maine (above), a Randall in Tennessee, a Randall in Florida (the bow hunter?), a Randall in Michigan, a Randy in Illinois, a Randy in the Pittsburgh area, and a Randell in North Carolina, and me in California. Looking at other telephone book directories likely will provide a few more.

How about you - Googled yourself lately? Found anything on the web about yourself that surprises you?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Randy . . . great site. You do a great job. It was good to see your picture. I'll be updating more soon. Take care . . .

Randy Seaver in Maine