Monday, June 26, 2006

Genea-Musings returns...tired but happy

Well, I'm almost back to blogging. I wondered if I'd miss it - I didn't much!

We've had an action-packed and fun-filled weekend - the Padres game on Friday night, the SD Zoo on Saturday, both daughters went out Saturday night leaving the three little ones (ages 33, 16 and 4 months) for us to put to bed (and Lucas stayed up until 11 PM), then church and an ice-cream social on Sunday. Today they went out to visit friends, leaving Linda and I enjoying the peace and quiet of our messy house. They leave tomorrow, so we'll be back to our normal schedules soon, after we sleep 12 hours for about 3 nights. Whew - I've not been so tired in awhile. But I'm not complaining - this was more fun than I was hoping for, but it was also a lot of work.

I'll post some pictures of the little ones sometime soon - after all, it's genealogy related for me and them - they are the 14th generation in my Seaver line.

We had our CVGS society meeting today, and I'll blog about that soon. Also, I've actually had a few hours today to check my email, visit some web sites, figure out Colleen's latest puzzle, and in the process find some new and interesting genealogy and history things.

Did I miss anything important these 4 days?

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