Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Digital Photo Restoration

The Chula Vista Genealogical Society's monthly program was on Monday morning. We had an informative and interesting talk about "Digital Photo Restoration" by Claire Santos-Daigle, who has a business called "Photos Made Perfect" in Chula Vista.

Claire showed us examples of her work in restoring, cleaning, colorizing and retouching photographs, documents and artwork. She explained how she creates portraits using special effects to crop, blur, combine, colorize, remove glare, combine two pictures, isolate a person, put people together, create a collage - essentially whatever the customer wants. She demonstrated how she uses the JASC Paintshop Pro software to do the restoration work.

Most of our society members are seniors, and just about everybody has precious photos in frames or in shoeboxes that are waiting to be restored, enlarged, copied or modified. It was an excellent program for our society.

There are many photo restoration experts, web sites and businesses. If you live near Chula Vista, Photos Made Perfect may be a good option.

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